Winter chickens forget to drink water

For the supply of water, people generally pay enough attention during the summer. In winter, the water demand of the chicken is relatively low, and the water is often neglected. In fact, the chicken also needs water to maintain normal life activities and production in winter. The lack of water in the flock causes a loss of appetite and an increase in egg production. In severe cases, the flock stops laying, the body of the chicken is wasted, and it eventually dies due to failure. Drinking water in winter should pay attention to the following aspects:
(1) The water temperature cannot be too low. Drinking cold water can reduce the egg production rate and increase feed consumption. The water temperature is generally 10°C to 20°C. Conditionally, a large container can be placed in the chicken house to allow the water temperature to rise.
(b) The water in the sink may not be large enough to avoid frostbite on the body. For a flat chicken house, the sink must have means to prevent the chicken from entering the trough.
(3) Ensure that the water quality is clean and sanitary, and the water tank should be cleaned frequently.
(D) Chickens generally require twice as much water as the feed they eat, but the actual demand is often affected by temperature and feed intake. Therefore, sufficient water should be provided to allow chickens to freely drink water.

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