How to cure eggplant cracked fruit

Eggplant cracking is very powerful, especially after watering, what's going on?
First of all, it is clear that the weather is mainly cloudy, with occasional or foggy days, and the light is relatively weak. In this case, the root activity of the plant is relatively weak, and the production of hormones (cytokinin) is small, and it is not guaranteed that the above ground part grows normally. After the weather turns fine, it will be watered and fertilized, and the pulp growth rate will be faster than the peel and fruit cracking will occur.
1. After the weather is fine, do not immediately top up with water. A warming process should be given to the temperature of the ground. Otherwise, it will not only be easy to injure the roots, but it will also cause a large number of cracks. Humic acid, microbial fertilizers and chemical fertilizers (high potassium and calcium content) are particularly effective.
2. Avoid the use of foliar fertilizers with high levels of bentonin after sunny days or after sunny weather.
3. Foliage supplemented with calcium foliar fertilizer mixed naphthalene acetic acid.
4. After the weather is fine, foliar spray cytokinin, Yunda 120, and Harvest No. 1 can be used to restore fruit growth point growth activity as soon as possible.

Microcirculation Microscope:

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