Summer fast-growing meat goose

1 The temperature of the heatstroke-preventing goose house should not exceed 26°C. To this end, the following cooling measures may be taken: 1 Keep the goose house ventilated and ventilated, and spread 1cm thick sand on the ground; 2 Goose shelter outside the venue to take shelter shade shade; 3 When the weather is too hot, you can go to the ground around the goose house Spray cold water, you can also spray water mist on the goose body.
2 Goslings intensively reared for goslings 1 day after hatching, use fresh and delicate leaves (preferably lettuce leaves) on the hands to attract food, as most goslings can compete to eat. After eating, first adjust the drinking water, and then evenly spread the leaves on the plastic sheeting, allowing them to freely feed, and then feed them once every 2 hours. After 1.5 to 2 days, the goslings can eat about 70% full, and then sprinkle the appropriate amount of water soaked rice or broken rice. After the third day, the feeders were changed to feed 4 to 5 times a day, and the last feeding was arranged at about 10:00. 6 to 10 days old goslings were fed 6 to 8 times a day, including 2 feedings at night. In the diet, rice accounts for 20% to 30% and green feed accounts for 70% to 80%. Goslings grow to 11 to 20 days of age, can gradually change the food to broken rice, fed 6 times a day, which feed 2 times at night, and during the day appropriate grazing herbivores. From 21 to 30 days old, it is appropriate to increase the amount of gluten and wheat kernels that are used to cook cracks, and to gradually feed the soaked cereals and wheat. Each time the amount of feed is 90% full, and at the same time try to allow the goslings to drink water, which can promote the growth of goslings.
After 3 days of grazing and geese combined with meat geese and 30 days of age before the main wing feather grows, it is a stage of growing bones, muscles and feathers. To make full use of the favorable conditions for lower temperatures in the early morning and late summer, we must select areas with good quality of grass and sufficient quantity for grazing, and the rest should be bred in captivity, and appropriate feed supplements such as bran, rice, and corn. Especially when the fluff on the back and belly of the goose begins to fall off and change for new feathers, it is necessary to pay attention to feeding high-quality fine material (such as big wheat, corn, etc.) so as not to cause different moulting and affect the growth and development. Usually 2 or 3 times a day, each time to eat 8 to 9 percent full is appropriate.
4 Fertilizer is properly fattened when the main wings of the meat goose grow. During the entire fattening period, the feed needs to be diversified, mainly including corn, rice, wheat, and bran, which are rich in carbohydrates and easy to digest, and are suitable for protein feed and roughage. Its reference formula is (%): corn 40, rice 15, wheat bran 19, rice bran 10, leaf 11, fish meal 3.7, bone meal 1, table salt 0.3. The feed should be crushed, and the water should be fed into dry and wet form. Feed it 4 to 5 times a day. One feed at night and the amount of feed is not limited, so that the goose can fully feed and drink enough water. Clean the shed daily, clean the trough and sink, and graze the water for about 0.5 hours every other day to clean the goose body. Usually after 15 to 20 days of fattening, hand touch meat plum goose breast muscle, back fat thickening, you can go on sale.
5 Disease prevention and control of disease, meat, geese and summers are easy to develop, and strict preventive measures must be taken. Immediately hatched goslings were inoculated with antiserum and each 0.02 mL of muscle was effective in preventing goose plague. At the age of 30 days, 1.5 mL of each broiler cholera vaccine was injected. Feeding utensils are sterilized once every 3 to 5 days with 5% fresh lime water. The goose house and the activity site are cross-sterilized once every 7 to 10 days with 1% bleach and 2% alkaloid water.

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