Jasmine White Pheasant Disease Prevention and Control

Jasmine white feather disease is the most serious disease of jasmine. When the disease is severe, the plant will die and affect the yield. The site of the onset of symptoms is mainly on the base of the stem near the ground. The base of the diseased stem is dark brown and has a white filamentous mycelia on it. It is mostly radial, and its edges are particularly obvious. In the later period, many black-brown rapeseed sclerotia were born in the disease department. When the weather is wet, the mycelium will spread to the surface and the earth's gap around the roots, and also produce sclerotia. In later stages, the stem base of the diseased plant was completely spoiled and the stems and leaves were wilted and the plants withered. Prevention and control measures 1, removal of diseased plants and soil disinfection. Early detection of the victim plant should be promptly removed by burning or deep burial. The diseased hole should be sprinkled with 86.2% of the copper master 800 to 1200 times, 50% of the Johnson's ammonium 500 times or lime powder. Removal of diseased plants should be done before sclerotia. 2, a reasonable fertilization. The application of organic fertilizers without surface ripening on the surface of the soil will increase the occurrence of white peony disease. Therefore, organic fertilizers (such as manure, etc.) should be used as basal fertilizers to deeply submerge the soil. If used as topdressing, it must be fully decomposed before it can be applied. 3, chemical control. In the early stage of disease, sprinkle 50% dexamethasone 1000 times in the base of the stem of the plant and the soil around it. Spray it once every 7-10 days to kill the bacteria in the soil. Using 70% thiophanate-methyl 1000-fold or 50% carbendazim 1000-fold, sprinkle the soil around the stem base of the plant to suppress the spread of the disease. 4, biological control. The use of the antibiotic Trichoderma harzianum to control jasmine white peony disease has a good effect. Trichoderma strains were first cultivated, then mixed with the sterilized bran to prepare a Trichoderma preparation. When the Trichoderma preparations are used, they are evenly mixed with the fine soil and applied to the soil. The soil must maintain a certain humidity, which causes the Trichoderma maxima to grow and reproduce in the soil, so as to inhibit the growth of the whitefly pathogen and thus achieve the purpose of disease prevention.

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