Example of a pine-sweeping deep pine joint preparation machine

There are two main types of the pine-sweeping deep pine joint preparation machine. The first one is the front gosling rear roller rake and the second is the front goose palm rear rotary cultivator. This is a kind of advanced combined soil preparation machine, which combines deep soil and soil treatment, and has lower energy consumption per unit of turning, boring and deep-slowing and ramming. It is an energy-saving machine and worthy of promotion. Heilongjiang Province 290 farms use the Heihe Aihua Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. production of the goose palm type deep pine joint preparation machine has three operating periods, practice has proved that the machine to the surface soil treatment than the heavy boring one pass of the effect Better, rotary tillage depth 12-15cm, surface soil does not exceed the diameter of 1cm of soil, does not destroy the location of soil organic matter, to facilitate crops to absorb nutrients; the operation of the aircraft can be ridged, can reduce the number of tillage, so reduced Energy consumption; The machine is conducive to the water retention of the soil, which is conducive to grab the farm, ensuring the high yield and stable production of crops. In practice, it also found some problems with the aircraft.
1. The hardness of the structure of the goose palm is not enough, and it tends to be distorted when it is deep. It is recommended to reinforce the side wall of the goose palm. The blade tip and rear wing of the spatula are not easy to change. As the sharpening of the spatula tip and the rear wing is relatively quick and needs frequent replacement, the tip of the spatula blade is reinforced by rivets and it is difficult to replace. It is proposed that the spatula tip and the rear wing be designed as an integral structure.
2. The use of roller rams for soil smashing requires roll rakes to exert strong pressure on the soil. The strength of the connection point between the roller rakes and the machine body is not enough and it is prone to breakage. It is recommended that the connection points between the roller rakes and the machine body be strengthened. The use of rotary cultivator for soil, rotary cultivator for the mechanical power requirements are relatively high, the mechanical wear faster, it is recommended to properly reduce the rotary rotavator speed.

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