Farmers feed chicken three errors

In recent years, there has been a great demand for low efficiency of farm chickens. Of course, there are many reasons. However, one-sided pursuit of low feed price, high protein, and unscientific refueling are also important reasons in feeding. Heavy feed prices, light feed quality Many breeders believe that the use of low-priced feeds will result in low feed costs. However, practice has proved that low-priced materials are generally inferior materials. Feeding chickens with this kind of feed will not only reduce production costs but will increase costs and even cause harm. Because feed producers often use raw materials with low nutritional value, poor quality, odor, and low cost in order to reduce costs, some feed manufacturers add certain flavoring agents and colorants even to mask feed odors and poor color. Although this feed increased the feed intake of chickens to some extent, the feed utilization rate was low. Some feed producers use inferior bone powder (incorporated with stone powder, shell powder, talcum powder, and other impurities), resulting in a disproportionate balance of calcium and phosphorus in feed. Feeding chickens with this feed can easily cause metabolic disease in chickens. The correct method is: choose the products produced by the regular field home, look at the credibility, see the brand, talk about quality, do not take advantage of the cheap. The pursuit of high-protein materials, small young chicken feed with many chickens think that high-quality protein feed chicken will produce more eggs, long meat and more. Therefore, when the ingredients are added, the amount of fish meal, bean cake, etc. with high protein content is arbitrarily raised, and even some chickens with high protein content are fed to large chickens, and the crude protein content of the formulated feed is as high as 20% or more. In fact, the protein in the feed is not as high as possible. Crude protein in chicks is generally about 19% to 20%, and adult commercial chickens are generally between 17% and 17.5%. The quality of chicken feed is not the better the protein content, the key depends on the amino acid content and balance. Too high protein content of feed will not only increase the cost of feeding and cause waste, but it will also cause diseases such as high wind and protein content of chicken pain, which is not worth the candle. For a long period of time, a chicken farmer with a short reloading time to save time and effort will purchase a large amount of compound feed at one time, which will take several months. As everyone knows, such a long-term preservation will not only lose the vitamins and some nutrients in the feed, but also very easily lead to feed deterioration. Feeding chickens on long-term feeds can result in waste, but it can easily cause chicken poisoning. Most chicken farmers know that different stages of chicken use different stages of feed. However, in order to save time, most farmer chicken farmers often take unscientific one-time sudden refuelling. This sudden refueling stress reduces the feed intake of chickens and reduces their resistance to diseases, which can easily induce chickens with multiple gastrointestinal diseases. Therefore, farmyard chicken rearing should be gradual, it is best to use a week or so, from less to more, and gradually change.

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