Summer and autumn fruit trees pests ecological control method

Summer and autumn are the fruit ripening seasons of fruit trees, and are also the season of pests. At this time, the prevention and treatment of pests with drugs will inevitably affect the quality standards of green production of fruits, adopt ecological prevention methods, be scientific and practical, and have no pollution on fruit products. This, the effect is good.
1. Garlic and tomato leaves When spider mites are infested with red spiders, 2 pieces of garlic (mashed into mud) and 1 piece of water are evenly mixed, and the filtrate is sprayed. Or use fresh tomato leaves (mashed into pulp) and add 2 times of fresh water and soak for 5 hours, and then take the filtrate and spray vegetables or fruit trees. All can effectively kill red spiders.
2. Camphor Pills can be used to treat stem borer, anoplophora lucidius, mulberry sinensis, mango yam and other stem pests with camphor extracts, which are economical and effective. The method is: cut the camphor fine lumps into soybean-sized crumbs, find out the new chewed wood slag of the larvae of the dried larvae, or newly excreted feces, net urine or wood slag, and insert 3-5 capsules of camphor into the holes. Finely crushed and then sealed with yellow mud to prevent air leakage, the insecticidal effect is generally more than 85%. Check once after 7-10 days. If there is new excrement and wood waste, perform it again as described above. In the spring, summer and autumn larvae activity time can be controlled.
3. Spray insect cadaver to insect pests to manually capture pests 50-60 only into pottery mash into pulp, add a little water for 45-50 hours under sunlight, until you can smell rancid, use The gauze filters the filtrate, and adds 40 kg of water per 0.1 kilogram of liquid (insect cadaver) and sprays it on fruit trees from 9 am to 5 pm. After pests smell the odor of similar bodies, they will refuse to eat and starve to death.
4, plywood paint trapping microworms on the larger side of the plywood painted with orange paint on both sides, dry and then coated with a layer of oil, butter mixture, hanging in the orchard, locusts, whitefly, and other northern eye spotted fly "Eye" pests will be thrown from the net, a week to change the paint, mixing better.
5, sweet and sour rotten fruit trapping gold turtle A selected rotten sour fig, rotten watermelon, etc., and sweet and sour liquid (brown sugar, vinegar, water 1:3:16) together into the pottery, supporting the distribution in the orchard, Collect turtle beetles every 2-3 days.
6, the tree trunk cleverly extinguishes worms from late August to early September, leafminer moths, leaf insects, spiders, Condescens powdery ants and other pests gradually to the trunk to find or submerge the appropriate wintering place At this time, a grassy handle was tied on the trunk, which was a wintering place for pests. Before the temperature rose in the spring of the second year, the concentrated burn was released to reduce the wintering base of the insect pests. This can yield a multiplier effect.

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