What are the reasons for the yellowing of crop leaves?

A variety of reasons can lead to yellowing of the crop leaves. In general, the leaf yellowing caused by nutrient factors is a physiological disease caused by the lack of certain nutrients.
One is the yellowing of leaves caused by nitrogen deficiency in plants. The first feature is the chlorosis of the old leaves in the lower part of the plant. For example, the nitrogen deficiency in maize turns yellow along the midrib of the leaf and extends from the tip of the leaf to the base of the leaf. When the trend is serious, the whole leaf is yellow, and the plants are short and the leaves are thin. The nitrogen deficiency of wheat shows that the wheat seedlings are short, the leaves are short and narrow, and the lower old leaves are yellow. If nitrogen can be topdressed in time, symptoms of nitrogen deficiency can be reduced.
The other is the yellowing of leaves caused by iron deficiency in plants. Peach tree iron deficiency is characterized by yellowing of the upper new leaves, gradually yellow-white, while the old leaves remain green; peanuts are often symptoms of iron deficiency, the upper new leaf veins turn yellow and veins remain green. In case of this symptom, 0.5% ferrous sulfate solution or liquid fertilizer should be sprayed in time to reduce or eliminate the symptoms.

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