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Seed coating technology is an agricultural technology with less investment and quicker investment. In order to enable farmers' friends to use coated seeds correctly, effectively, and safely, the following points are reminded to note: Immersion germination should not be applied because the seed coating agent dissolves in water and will not only invalidate the seed coating agent, but also dissolve the seed coat The agent will inhibit the germination of the seed. It is not appropriate to measure buds by conventional test buds because the test buds and budding test techniques for coated seeds are very complicated and technically demanding and easy to master, while the use of conventional test buds and budding methods not only fails to produce buds but also causes the loss of seeds. The use of value, even the occurrence of pharmaceutical poisoning accidents. Therefore, the use of coated seeds can be carried out without using a test bud or a bud test. This is because the coating seeds must pass the strict quality inspection before leaving the factory. As long as the application method is correct, generally no quality problems will occur, and it can be used with ease. After the sowing of the coated seeds, it is not appropriate to immediately apply the propanil-based herbicides such as sowing first. After 30 days, the enemy shall be used; if it is used first, it shall be sowed after 3 days. It should not be used in saline land because the seed coating agent will fail when it meets the alkali, so it is not appropriate to use coated seeds when the PH value is greater than 8. Unsuitable land is easy to use because coated seeds are used under high soil water conditions, which can easily cause rancid rot in coated seeds.

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