Multiopurpose Hospital Surgical Medical Table

Model NO.: MT2100 imported configuration model
Material: SUS#304 Stainless Steel
Motor: Danish Linak Brand
Height Adjustment: (750-1000) ± 50mm
Table Longitudinal Scope: 400±50mm
Leg Evagination: ≥90°
Back Board up: ≥80°
Back Board Down: ≥40°
Trademark: Mingtai
Transport Package: Each Packed Into Polybag, Then Wooden Box
Specification: CE
Origin: China
HS Code: 9402900000
Technical parameters
Length 2000mm ± 50mm
Width 555mm
Chinese standard lowest and highest height (750-1000) ± 50mm
Optional table width 480-600mm
Optional table height of lifting up and down 200-450mm
Optional lowest height 600mm
Forward/backward tilt ≥28°, ≥18°
Left/right tilt ≥18°
Head board up ≥90°
Head board down ≥90°
Waist bridge lift up ≥130mm
Leg board down ≥90°
Leg leg evagination ≥90°
Back board up ≥80°
Back board down ≥30°
Power AC220V 50Hz
Input power 500VA

Unique advantage
Multi-function 6 electro-motor surgical table
Imported LINAK linear motor from Denmark
Table body is SUS 304 stainless steel from Korea
Superior wide of operating table: 555mm
Taiwan high precision linear translation guide
Double motors rise back board, "T" shape base
Overall memory sponge + SBR material mattress
Main Feature
1. Electric motor driving system: Imported Danish LINAK brand motor is chosen. The noise of the whole table body is low and the motion of table top is smooth and steady. The raising up/down, translational motion, forward/backward tilt, left/right tilt of table top and back board movement are all controlled by operation system. The head boards and leg boards are operated by hand and the manual operation is relaxed and convenient.  
2. Six groups of electric motors, two of them located in both flanks raise back board up and down. The stress acted on the back board is well-distributed and the reasonable design can improve the lifespan of the whole operating table body.
3. The whole table body is made of high quality SUS304# stainless steel super thickness≥4mm (stainless steel shield cover is not included). The whole surgery table body, cover and accessories are all made of high-quality nickel chromium alloy stainless steel shield cover. It can be guaranteed that the table will not rust over 15 years and can fully meet disinfection requirement after operation.
4. "T" shape base design supply excellent shock resistance and stability, easy for clear and disinfection. 6 sections board design: head board, back board, built-in kidney elevator, hip board and leg board. FLEX and RE-FLEX positions and angles of back board and seat board can be formed after considering the physiological curvature of patients. It can fulfill needs for operation of different parts
5.Stability: Adopt the patented design of three lifting columncraftsmanship. Key column section: It has 4 times safety factor for load capacity and apply square lifting colum, 8 fasteners for fixation and double square frame style movable joints to ensure
stable bearing ability of column.
6. Braking system: Braking device with patent design for operating table. The operating table position will not vary after stepping on the pedal for locking to ensure stability and safety of tabletop during operation.
7. Mattress: Memory spong and SBR material mattress with 70mm thickness can relieve patients' pressure point and prevent bedsore occurring after operation. The material of mattressl meet the safety standard. The surface is antibacterial and easy to clean which can meet the disinfection requirements of operating room.
8. Safe side rail function: It can prevent the injury of slipping due to careless movement of attachments.
9. Horizontal movement: Taiwan high precision imported straight line guide rail. The movement distance of longitudinal shift can be over 300mm. There are not any obscured article in the middle of the table body. X-ray perspectivity of the whole body can be realized without need of moving patients. 

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