What to do if the stomach is hard to drink? What to eat?

How to do if the stomach is uncomfortable after drinking alcohol

1, drink milk, protect the gastric mucosa. Eat some porridge, light dishes. Every time I finish drinking, my stomach is uncomfortable, but sometimes I don't drink and I don't think it's OK to advise you to drink or not drink. I drink too much and hurt my body. After drinking, you should eat yogurt properly to help restore gastrointestinal function.

2, stomach feel very uncomfortable after drinking the best to drink white porridge, if there is no flour porridge, other porridge can also be. Just be sure to digest the liquid food as much as possible. Other porridge should not be too strong and can not drink too much.

3, celery juice treatment of gastrointestinal discomfort, facial redness. This is because celery is rich in B vitamins that can break down alcohol.

4, drink nausea, nausea can also eat fresh grapes, fresh grapes are rich in tartaric acid, can interact with alcohol in alcohol to form esters, reduce the concentration of ethanol in the body, to achieve the purpose of hangover. At the same time, its sour taste can also effectively relieve nausea and nausea after drinking. If you eat grapes before drinking, you can effectively prevent drunkenness.

5, provoked stomach pain, may take appropriate other stomach medicine, and can not take pain medicine, because painkillers for stomach pain treatment wins.

Second, the most hangover food after drunken food


1, milk hangover law: drunk drink some milk in order to make protein coagulation, protect the gastric mucosa, reduce the absorption of alcohol.

2, tofu hangover: drinking for a long time, plus a tofu to do the next meal, can promote the rapid discharge of ethanol in the body.

3, preserved egg hangover law: drunk, take 1-2 eggs, vinegar to take, you can sober up.

4, egg white sobering law: drunk when taking 1-2 raw egg white dose, can protect the gastric mucosa, and reduce the absorption of alcohol;

5, dumplings sobering law: drunk, take a few fresh dumplings, peeled food, you can sober up.

6, rice soup hangover law: drunk desirable thick rice soup Beverage, rice soup contains polysaccharides and B vitamins, detoxification sobering effect. Adding sugar to drink is more effective.

7, mung bean sobering method: Take 50 grams of green beans, 10 grams of licorice, add appropriate amount of brown sugar, decoction, can sober up. If mung bean decoction alone, there is also a certain effect.

8, tea sobering law: drunk after drinking tea, tannins in tea can relieve acute alcoholism, caffeine, theophylline on respiratory depression and drowsiness phenomenon has a curative effect.

9, salt hangover: excessive drinking, chest and stomach uncomfortable, can add a little salt in drinking water

10, sugar water sobering method: take appropriate amount of sugar boiled with water, there is hangover, Xingnao role.

11, vinegar hangover method: Take 50 grams of rice vinegar or vinegar, add 25 grams of brown sugar, 3 ginger decoction Beverage Service, can reduce the damage of alcohol on the human body.

12, è—• hangover law: The smashed fresh juice Beverage Service, to eliminate the symptoms of intoxication have a certain role.

13, jellyfish hangover method: Take 100 grams of fresh jellyfish, clean and add water Jiantang Beverage Service, you can sober up.

14, raw pear sobering law: eat a few pears or pears peeled slices, immersed in cold water for 10 minutes, pear water, can be hangover.

15, turnip hangover method: the 500 grams of fresh radish chopped juice, 1 Beverage, or appropriate amount of raw white radish, can receive sobering effect.

16, sweet potato sobering law: After drunk, you can cut the raw sweet potato, mix with sugar to take, you can hangover.

17, cane juice sobering law: drunken conscious still chewing sugar cane can be their own, in serious cases can be squeezed sugar cane juice filling, can sober up.

18, orange juice sobering law: drink dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting, can eat a few oranges or drinking fresh orange juice can sober up.

19, celery sobering law: the appropriate amount of celery squeezed juice Beverage, you can sober up, especially after the drunken headaches brain swelling, facial flushing and other symptoms.

20, cabbage hangover: Wash and shred cabbage, add vinegar, sugar and mix well, submerge stains for ten minutes to eat, there is hangover effect.

21, carambola sobering method: marinated carambola 1, plus decoction, can be used to sober up.

22, toilet water hangover law: Sprinkle a few drops of toilet water on a hot towel, gently wipe intoxicated people's chest, back, elbows and temples and other places can significantly reduce their tipsy.

23, Chinese medicine hangover: Pueraria 30 grams, add water, Jiantang Beverage, hangover effect is very good.

Third, should pay attention to the problem of drinking, prevention of stomach pain after drinking

1, it is best not to drink alcohol.

2, try to prevent fasting drinking.

3, after drinking 1-3 days to eat easily digested foods, to prevent overwork, to ensure maximum repair of damaged gastric mucosa as soon as possible.

4, do not eat greasy spicy food.

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