Rice seedlings and seedlings management

Seed treatment in order to improve the germination rate of rice, sowing before sowing should be, and then use 100 grams (25% prochloraz) 2 ml or evil thread clear (16% prochloraz carbendazim) 15 grams, add water 5 ~ 6 kg immersion 5 to 6 kg of rice seeds, 10 g of 10% imidacloprid wettable powder per 5 to 6 kg of water, immersed for 72 hours, soaked in the night sky, then germinated and sowed, which can effectively prevent bakanae, anisakii disease and pre-gray Fei Fei.

Water management Dry seedlings should be irrigated once in the time of film removal to prevent dead seedlings; keep the seedlings moist before the 3rd leaf stage and promote the rapid growth of roots and leaves; Do not water, rain and rain to dry. Aquatic seedlings do not keep the deep water layer for a long time.

Fertilizer Mobilization The dry seedlings need relatively little amount of fertilizer at the seedling stage. In the case of adequate fertilization for the seedbed, the seedlings generally do not need to be topdressed, but the fertilization is not good, the base fertilizer is insufficient, and there is a yellow crop in the field. Available nitrogen fertilizer, apply 10-20 kg of urea per acre, and timely watering to prevent fertilizer damage. Aquatic seedlings require a relatively large amount of fertilizer at the seedling stage, and a large amount of topdressing requires a small amount of uniform application to prevent burning seedlings.

Before pest control, 48% chlorpyrifos EC 50ml and 35% phoxim microcapsule granules were used per acre, spread before site preparation, and 100 g of 40% phoxim EC mixed in the early evening before falling to the valley. It is spread around Putian to prevent underground pests. Qi after the seedlings prevent blight, bacterial wilt, select one of the following two formulations per Mu Mutian, add 50 to 75 kg of water spray. Putian weeding can be used in the 2-leaf to 4-leaf period, with benzyl dichloride (32% bensulfuron-methyl quinclorac) 30-40 grams per acre, plus 30-40 kg of water spray. Before the application of the dry water, 1 to 2 days after the drug on the 2 ~ 5 cm water layer, and maintain 5 to 7 days. Control pests can be used 25% per acre imidacloprid wettable powder 40 grams plus bacteria gram poison 250 ml or Jia Jie (50% chlorobromoisocyanuric acid) 30 grams plus Sanfu Shun (6% amidazole carbendazim) 100 grams, add 50 to 75 kg of water spray, 5 to 7 days.

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