Seven Tips for Steaming Fish at Home: Sleek and Delicious

The fish head is nutritious but eats less meat. For example, first put the head of the fish on the chopping board, cut it into fines with a knife, enlarge the bowl, add appropriate amount of flour and monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, pepper, onion ginger, stir well, and steam over 10 minutes with a stir, that delicious The delicious fish head soup is ready.

Salt spread method: Wash the fish and dry it. Sprinkle the salt and spread the fish evenly. If it is a big fish, it should be salted in the belly and pickled for half an hour. After such a treatment, the steamed fish is not easily broken and the dishes can be tasty.

Add chicken oil method: When steamed fish is prepared, in addition to putting together the ingredients, put the chicken oil on the top of the fish so that the fish absorbs the chicken oil, and after steaming it, it is slippery and delicious.

Boiling water drawer method: steamed fish, such as boiling water and then on the drawer steamed, but also to cover tightly. The fish so steamed will be fresh and delicious.

Apply dry powder method: When steaming fish, first apply some dry powder on the fish. When steaming, do not expose the lid. Such as 250g heavy fish, in the case of a consistent body thickness, steaming 8-10 minutes. Each weight gain 250g, steamed for 5 minutes.

Beer dipping method: When steaming fish with a large smell, marinating with beer for 10-15 minutes and then steaming will not only reduce the flavor but also have a crab flavor.

Leftover fish steaming method: steamed fish such as one can not eat, then eat can be entered into an egg, made of fish steamed eggs, so the fish will not worry.

Air-dried Ginger

As a kind of flavouring in cooking, ginger is very common seen in our life. Generally, we divide the gingers into two kinds, Air-dired Ginger and Fresh Ginger. Air-dired Ginger has less water than Fresh Ginger. We can provide different sizes of Air-dired Ginger, such as 50g,100g, 150g, 200g,250g, 300g, 350g & up. We pack the different sizes of Air-dired Ginger into different packagings, or according to the clients' requirements.

1. Commodity Name: Ginger
2. Feature: Shiny yellow color, plump, clean, smooth, no pests or rotten
3. Size: 50g,100g, 150g, 200g,250g, 300g, 350g & up
4. Variety: air-dried ginger
5. Packing:
a) calcium plastic carton: 30lbs/ctn, 10lbs/ctn
b) paper carton: 10kg/ctn, 20kg/ctn with plastic bag inner
c) mesh bag: 10kg/bag, 20kg/bag
d) or according to clients' requirements.
6. Supply Period: all Year Round
7. Conveyance: 22-27MT/40' HR( loading quantity depending on packing)
8.Transporting and storing temperature: +13°C
Air-dried Ginger

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