***Cold medicine real name system to prevent lawbreakers from extracting **

On the 1st, Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency notice that citizens must purchase ephedrine-containing compound preparations with their ID cards. Most of the cold medicines contain such substances, so this means that residents of the city will purchase real-name drugs in the future.

Preventing criminals from using drugs

A few days ago, Zhejiang Province announced that from September 10th, citizens should register their names, addresses, and other information for purchasing cold medicines. Subsequently, the State Food and Drug Administration also issued a notice requiring the purchase of real-name systems for ephedrine compound preparations. This move is intended to curb the flow of ephedrine compound preparations into illicit channels and is used by lawbreakers to extract drugs.

It is understood that Shandong, Chongqing and other provinces and cities to buy cold medicine will also implement the real name system.

According to Beijing regulations, pharmacies must register purchaser ID cards and open shelves are prohibited from selling ephedrine-containing compound preparations.

Pharmacy begins to implement new regulations

In the afternoon of the 1st, in some pharmacies such as Yong'antang, Jinxiang, and Tongrentang, the reporter stated that they need to buy cold medicine such as New Contac or white plus black. YongAnTang and Jinxiang Pharmacy staff clearly stated: “These two purchased cold medicines contain ephedrine and must be bought with an ID card. This is a new requirement that has just been implemented today.” Pharmacy for the quantity purchased All said that according to regulations, each ID card must not purchase more than 5 boxes of ephedrine-containing cold medicine.

Baijiahei, Neocontac, and Furema Nasal Drop are all commonly used drugs sold in pharmacies. They have been used by some people to make drugs. According to relevant experts, a box of New Contac (10 capsules/box) can extract approximately 0.9 grams of pseudoephedrine, a bottle of 100 ml of furosemide nasal drops a few dollars, and can extract 0.1 grams of ephedrine. If there is a higher process, 1 gram of ephedrine can purify 0.75 grams of methamphetamine.

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