Fall elderly diet should prevent four points

To prevent damage to the gastrointestinal tract in summer, people’s appetite is greatly reduced, and the taste of the tongue is also not sensitive. The intake of light and easily digestible food is relatively weak. In the autumn and cool season, everything has changed radically. The appetite has increased and the diet has changed. At this time, the elderly should pay attention to dietary care so as not to harm the stomach and intestines. The evolution of dietary content should be gradual, and do not step into large oils. Because the body's digestion and absorption functions have to undergo changes in the summer diet. This process must be gradual and gradual.

Beware of eating obese to cool autumn, after the heat of the broiled, the body finally entered a cool and comfortable recovery period. The human body enters the autumn cool "long meat" stage from the summer "fall-out" season. If excessive intake of high-fat, high-sugar foods is not done at this stage without paying due attention to proper dietary adjustment, people will gain weight quickly. Facts have proved that autumn is the season most likely to gain weight, and the elderly should be extra careful. Should be appropriate to choose some low-calorie diet foods, such as red beans, radish, bamboo shoots, glutinous rice, mushrooms, fungus, bean sprouts, hawthorn, lotus leaf, garlic, pepper and so on.

Beware of eating gastrointestinal problems in the fall, a large number of various fruits and vegetables listed, gastrointestinal diseases are more common. Therefore, the elderly should be careful not to neglect the cleanliness and health care of the diet. In the cool autumn season, the bacteria reproduction is not low, and the food is easily contaminated or corroded. The digestive function that has just entered the recovery period is rather squeamish, and vomiting and diarrhea may occur as soon as it occurs, causing acute gastroenteritis or dysentery. Therefore, we must strictly control the "sick from the mouth into" this off, do a good job of food preservation, prevent food contamination.

Beware of filling up the troubles to come up with good nutrition in the fall and prepare for the elderly to survive the cold winter. However, some elderly people often eat hot and large meals, and many people suffer from dry mouth and bloody nose. In fact, the elderly's autumn tonic, should use "buster but not Jun", "anti-dry is not greasy," the flat complement of goods. The foods that have such effects are peony, pumpkin, lotus seeds, longan, black sesame, red dates, walnuts, and the like. Patients suffering from weak spleen and stomach and indigestion can also take yam, citrus aurantium, and lentils, which have spleen and stomach functions.

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