Correct use of BB biopesticides

Bt biopesticides only have stomach toxicity and poor adhesion. Therefore, only by correctly mastering the methods of use can the full effect be achieved. Such as the removal of cotton bollworm, the larvae should be hatched after feeding the egg shells, after the second in the temporal lobe licking the habits of young buds, grasp the following points:

First, the appropriate period of medication

Cotton bollworms generally take 3-5 days from spawning to hatching. Therefore, the best time to use drugs in general is: most of the eggs turn yellow and there is a small amount of graying. To do this, it is necessary to begin the first 5 days before the peak egg forecast day, observe the egg volume and egg color changes every day in the cotton field, and seize the best time to use medication.

Second, the correct spray, scientific medication

According to the survey, eggs of H. armigera are produced outside the front of the top leaves, and some are produced on the back of the leaves and leaves of the middle cotton plants. In order to give full play to the efficacy, the whole plant should be sprayed when Bt is sprayed, so that the eggs attached to the various parts of the cotton plant can be stained with liquid medicine. Generally, 30-50 kg of 200-fold liquid medicine can be used per mu. Before spraying, add a small amount of detergent powder or wine to the pharmaceutical agent to enhance its adhesiveness.

Third, grasp the number of medication and interval days

The number of medications depends on the duration of spawning. For example, the spawning period lasts for 10 days and the incubation period is 3-5 days. Generally, it should be sprayed once every 3 days from the time of the first spraying and 3-4 times per generation in order to ensure the effect of medication.

Fourth, choose the best spraying time

It is generally administered after 5:00 PM on sunny days and can be sprayed on a cloudy day.

V. Precautions

(a) Shake well when configuring. The liquid medicine must be used up on the same day.

(2) In the case of rain and spray, it is necessary to supplement the spray after the egg is sprayed after it has not hatched.

Pharmacy should be stored in a cool place, not exposure.

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