Prevention measures for sows abortion

Sows ovulate about 20 times in one oestrus, but there are only about 8-10 piglets that have been fattened and produced by each litter, and the loss rate is more than 50%, among which the prenatal death accounts for a considerable part. Therefore, fetal death and miscarriage are important factors that affect the number of litters and the number of piglets raised. In order to increase the number of litters and ensure a bumper harvest, special attention should be paid to the prevention of miscarriage of sows in addition to the management of rearing sows.

1. Guarantee the nutritional level and full price of the sow's diet. After sows are pregnant, their diets should be fully priced, and feeds such as protein, energy, dimension elements, and crude fiber should be properly formulated. The energy feed (corn) in the early pregnancy should not be too high, otherwise it will increase embryonic death and affect litter size. number. At the same time it is forbidden to feed moldy, deteriorating feeds to prevent the death of embryos and abortion.

2. Strengthen management and avoid some mechanical injuries. Pregnant sows entering and circling the crowded gates, throwing cricket playgrounds, and whipping scared are all likely to cause miscarriage. Therefore, in the daily management of pregnant sows should avoid severe physical activity, prevent crowding, biting and other phenomena.

3, we must do a good job of disease prevention and control to prevent heat stress. Usually pay attention to the pig house sanitation and disease prevention and control work, the pig house disinfection once a week, can be used 10% lime milk or 2% chlorine poisoning solution disinfection. Pre-pregnancy vaccination against PRRSV, parvovirus vaccine, swine fever vaccine, and foot-and-mouth disease vaccine. In hot summer days, especially in hot weather, we must provide more clean drinking water to prevent heat stress causing embryonic death and miscarriage.

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