Four points for using corn no-till seeder

1. Selection: Corn varieties must be selected according to different conditions such as soil and fertility. The machine is precision seeding, sowing quantity can be adjusted according to need, generally 2 to 3 capsules per hole is appropriate, the seeds should be selected full of grains, high-quality seeds, germination rate of 95% or more, and the seed coating.

2. Select fertilizer: The machine should use granular fertilizer (urea, ammonium sulfate, compound fertilizer, etc.) powdered fertilizer is easy to agglomerate, poor fluidity, will affect the fertilization effect. Before the seeding, the grain fertilizer needs to be inspected and the agglomerate should be removed so as not to block the row of fertilizer pipes and affect the amount of fertilizer. It is advisable that the fertilizer amount is 5 to 10 kg per mu.

3. Sowing operation: The machine can complete the operation procedures such as plowing, ditching, sowing and fertilizing at one time. When planting, the seeds should be sowed in the soil to a depth of 5 cm, and the fertilizer should be applied to the soil at a depth of 8 cm. Fertilizer application is not less than 4 cm. Without leaking broadcasts, rebroadcasts, broadcasts, deep coverage, good soiling and tight repression.

4. timely spraying: timely and appropriate spraying of chemical herbicides and insecticides should be sprayed with a one-time herbicide within 3 days after sowing. Weeding can also be carried out at the 3rd leaf stage of weeds with "killed" herbicides. Reapply after 12 hours of rain).

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