What are the benefits of fermentation bed meat dogs?

Meat dogs refer to dogs that are specially cultivated for food. The meat dogs have less investment in breeding, and they are quick and efficient. Social and economic benefits are very significant. The breeding of meat dogs is a new way to make a fortune in recent years. Many meat dog breeders have obtained satisfactory economic results after trial and trial. Practice has proved that the economic benefits of keeping dogs are not under pigs, sheep, cattle, etc. Dogs are accustomed to non-stop activities. Therefore, dogs must have enough sports grounds to be raised. Breeding dogs in the breeding season if the lack of activity, it will affect the female dog is not estrus or breeding infertility. The use of the technology can be used to solve these problems in a timely manner. Then what are the benefits of using a fermentation bed to raise dogs?

1, deodorant and environmental protection Many people know that dog's excrement is stinking, if you do not deal with the excrement of the meat dog in time, the environment of the dog farm will be very bad, of course, it will affect the growth of the meat dog, and use the golden treasure In the fermentation bed, the dog's excrement will be degraded into odorless gas by the function of the golden baby functional bacteria, such as steam and CO2; the other part will be converted into crude protein, bacterial protein and vitamins, etc. substance. Eliminating the pollution of the ecological environment caused by dog ​​feces and urine from the source, so that the kennels have no odor and achieve good effects of zero pollution and no pollution.

2. Energy-saving and grain-friendly middle-aged meat dogs have a relatively strong adaptability to the environment, but young dogs are very sensitive to the changes in the ambient temperature. Insulation is very important for puppies. Heat, regardless of the temperature of winter and summer surfaces is maintained at 20 degrees, can save a large part of the cost of heating. Moreover, under the action of beneficial bacteria, the excreta and litter of meat dogs are degraded to form bacterial proteins and various beneficial substances are eaten by meat dogs. Waste recycling can save a small amount of feed.

3. Anti-disease, growth-promoting and fermenting The mattress material eliminates the odor substances in the excreta through physical absorption, chemical neutralization, and the biochemical action of the fermentation process. The meat dog lives in a large amount of beneficial bacteria environment for a long time, and the pen home The environment is fresh, and the resistance of the meat dog is obviously improved. The meat dog is less sick and grows smoothly. Naturally, it grows faster.

4, water-saving province artificial treasures dry submerged fermentation bed dogs, do not have to clear the manure, do not have to red circle, can save more than 90%, the management is also more convenient, simpler and reduce the artificial input.

5, to improve the quality of meat dry Sausage-feeding meat dogs, less sick dogs do not use drugs, or almost no drugs, can significantly reduce or even eliminate drug residues, so that the quality of dog meat better, taste good, high prices, of course, also It can improve farmers' interests. Dogs like to approach people, so in the process of raising, keepers should be gentle with it, so that it is a domesticated and cheerful person to accept the management of domesticated personnel. Details can be consulted: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone Toll Free Hotline:

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