Talks Health: Mid-Autumn Festival Diet and Health Handbook

Mid-Autumn Festival diet health guide

The weather is cooler before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival, and there is a general lack of moisture in the air. In the diet, spicy foods such as peppers, onions, leeks, and garlic should be eaten less, and sesame, glutinous rice, honey, sugar cane, spinach, white fungus, pears should be eaten at the same time. Duck, dairy and other soft foods. Frail elderly people can also eat more rice porridge to benefit stomach and fluid.

Mid-Autumn Festival Diet Taboo

Experts suggest that during the Mid-Autumn Festival, attention should be paid to balanced diet, comprehensive nutrition, avoid partial eclipse, and focus on supplementing high-quality protein, vitamins and other nutrients. At the same time suggest that should not eat too much cold and cold fruits in order to avoid causing diarrhea, loose stools and other symptoms, at the same time, should not eat spicy foods to prevent the stool caused by dry embolism.

How to eat mooncakes during Mid-Autumn Festival

Crabs and moon cakes are classic Mid-Autumn foods, but eating them improperly can damage health. Professor Gu Xiaohong pointed out that diabetics and children should not overdose moon cakes. Moon cakes have a very high sugar content and cause greater health damage to diabetic patients. Children's spleen and stomach are relatively fragile. Eating moon cakes may cause excessive food loss or loss of appetite. Excessive consumption of moon cakes by adults can also cause a greater burden on the stomach and intestines. Under normal circumstances, no more than half a moon cake per person per day, children and the elderly cut as appropriate.

Moon cakes should not be kept for a long time to avoid oxidation of oils, and the fillings should be spoiled and deteriorated. Read the production date, shelf life and storage methods carefully. Open moon cakes that have not been eaten in the box. It is best to use fresh-keeping bags and store them in the refrigerator. You must still eat as soon as possible. Finish. The following points should also be noted when selecting moon cakes:

1, moon cake surface collapse, collapse, dew crisp, concave shrinkage, run sugar, green walls, pull the waist, steam condensation in the packaging bag, need to be carefully purchased.

2. Do not purchase if there is any color error, faint smear, eschar black residue, or moldy plaque.

3, the national standard requirements: no folder, no odor, filling mix evenly, cake skin thickness.

4, uniform, no visible impurities. Do not use recycled fillings.

5, pre-packaged moon cakes should be marked moon cake name, list of ingredients, net content, production date, shelf life.

6, in order to avoid over-packaging, the national standard provides: packaging costs do not exceed 25% of the moon cake ex-factory price.

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