8 methods of strawberry food processing

Strawberry is bright red, rich in aroma, juicy and sweet, rich in nutrients, and has the effect of eliminating stomach and promoting appetite. However, strawberries are berry, which is inconvenient for transportation and difficult to store. Therefore, the development and processing of it into a strawberry food can not only relieve the pressure of fresh sales, avoid the loss of mildew, but also meet different consumer demands and increase income.

1, frozen strawberries use fresh, disease-free, non-injury, 89 ripening strawberry fruit as raw materials, washed with water flowing mud debris, and then remove the fruit pedicle, sepals, and grading according to size. Unsweetened whole fruit can be frozen directly; if sugar is added, first add the strawberry by 17%-25% of the fruit weight and mix well with white sugar, seal the food bag in a fixed quantity according to the quantity, and quickly freeze in the freezing device, 40 - Rapidly reaches -5°C in 60 minutes. After freezing, it can be shipped out of boxes for sale. When consumed, unfrozen frozen fruits are best served with semi-thawing, and sugared foods can be fully thawed.

2, strawberry juice, select the full ripening strawberry fruit, clean it and put it in the juicer to juice, separate the juice, or put the strawberry into the container and smash it into a paste manually, pour it into stainless steel pot or aluminum pan, add After a small amount of water is boiled, quickly turn off the heat and cool. After 5-10 minutes, use 3-4 layers of gauze to filter and squeeze the juice. Then add 300-400g of sugar per kilogram of filtrate plus 2g of citric acid. Stir well, add the juice into a sterile container, cover and seal it, and put it in hot water at 85°C for sterilization. Minutes, natural cooling after taking out for 24 hours, after inspection meets the hygienic standards of beverages and foods, it can be packed in storage.

3, strawberry sauce selection of aroma, pectin acid content is high, the fruit surface was light red, eighty-nine ripe strawberry fruit. The fruit was cleaned and prepared in a ratio of 10 kg of strawberry, 2.5 kg of water, 10 kg of white sugar, and 30 g of citric acid. Place the strawberries and water in the pot, add half of the sugar, and heat to soften it completely. Stir 1 time, then add citric acid and the remaining half of the sugar, continue to heat and boil, stirring constantly, until the sauce becomes purple or red brown and shiny, uniform color, that is, pan cooling, according to the quantitative bottling or loading bag.

4. Strawberry vinegar The fruit with poor fruit type should be rinsed with water. Add a small amount of water to the pot and boil it in a thin paste. Slowly heat the thin paste and put it in the jar or jar. Add appropriate amount of baking powder, and then close the container tightly, let it be naturally fermented for 5-7 days, a layer of red-brown solution will appear on the upper layer of the container, and the clear liquid will be taken after filtration, that is, aroma strawberry vinegar.

5, canned strawberry selection of fruit integrity, grain color red, fresh flavor is positive, eight ripe fruit as raw material. Wash the strawberries, put them in boiling water, scald until the flesh is soft and not bad, pick up and drain the water droplets, and put the fruit into a sterilized bottle and jar. 500g bottle of fruit 300g, add 60 °C filling solution (according to the ratio of water 75kg, sugar 25kg, citric acid 200g, boiled and filtered) 200g, leaving 10mm gap from the bottle mouth. After bottling, put it into the exhaust box and remove the heat. Put the bottle cap and sealant to boil for 5 minutes. After sealing the bottle, cook it in boiling water for 10 minutes to sterilize it. After removing it, wipe off the surface moisture and store it at 20°C. Stored within 7 days after stocking.

6, strawberry wine selection full ripe berries rinse clean, according to 1kg of fruit plus 150g of white sugar ratio of ingredients, mix and put in the glaze cylinder fermentation, stirring once every 2 hours, until the fruit sinks, the temperature decreases, generally After 4-5 days, the juice can be squeezed and then blended with liquor. When the alcoholicity reaches 25-30, it can be bottled or loaded on the altar and stored at room temperature. Or soak the clean strawberry fruit in white liquor in a ratio of 2:1. After 15 days, filter the residue and brew for 15 days (or altar). Before bottling, add sugar, cold water and traces of citric acid as appropriate, and adjust to a variety of strawberry wines with a wine content of 17-30, a sugar content of 10, and an acidity of 0.3.

7. The strawberry tart will make the fruit pulp slag left after the juice and the fruit wine, and then it will be put into a fine slurry in the beater and used as a backup. Add appropriate amount of sweet potato starch and water in the slurry, quickly stir into a thin paste to prevent agglomerate precipitation, then add the right amount of sugar, citric acid and preservatives, mix well, and pour it into pan, heat and concentrate until thick When you can pan, into a clean porcelain or stainless steel plate into a thick block of about 4-5mm, after cooling in the baking oven to bake, the temperature is 65-75 °C, bake to sticky, Microsoft is not appropriate when it is not hard. During the baking, the exhaust fan should be constantly used to remove moisture. The dried fruit should be taken out immediately and placed into the packing room on the workbench. The heat should be separated from the container and cooled with an electric fan. According to 30g, 50g and other different weight specifications, it can be wrapped in tin foil, strip, block, etc. with tin foil or polyethylene film. External aluminum foil bag is used for sealing and packaging. Then it is packed and sealed with carton. Packaged fruit can be sold directly on the market.

8, five flavor strawberry dry fresh strawberries 10kg wash, into the boiling water scalded. Remove and pour into the tank and add 1kg salt to mix and dip for 5 days. Filter the leachate, add 150g of licorice powder and ginger powder, 5kg of sugar, mix and dip for 7 days, and dry.

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