Treatment of tractor after raining

After the tractor is exposed to rain, the following treatment is recommended to ensure the normal operation of the machine:
1. Clean the soil and weeds on the tractor in time.
Remove the exhaust pipe and clean the dirt and sand inside.
2. Clean the air filter.
The filter element is first cleaned with diesel oil and then soaked with engine oil, and then assembled after the excess oil drips from the filter. Remove the cylinder head, remove the valve group, wash the soil, remove the rust and grind the valve.
3. Remove the vortex chamber inserts, clean the impurities, and unblock the main spray holes and start holes blocked on the inserts.
Remove the connecting rod nut, remove the piston rod set and clean it. Use a copper spatula or a bamboo stick to remove the carbon deposit on the piston.
4. Drain the dirty oil in the fuel tank and clean the fuel tank, diesel filter, and fuel injection pump.
The cooling water is discharged, and the impurities in the cooling water are rinsed with water until the clean water is discharged from the discharge water. Release the oil in the oil pan and clean the oil pan and filter with diesel oil. After washing, add the oil mixture (2/3 oil, 1/3 diesel oil), shake the crankshaft for several revolutions, clean the lubrication oil tank, and then release the mixed oil. Add the clean oil to the specified scale position.
5, remove the clutch, use diesel oil to clean the parts, wash and then dry and then install.
Discharge the gear oil in the transmission, wash it with diesel oil, and fill with clean gear oil. Clear the sand inside the tires. Clean the dirt on the ball. Adjust the toe of the front wheel and the freewheel of the steering wheel. Remove the brake, clean the mud from the brake hub and brake pad, dry it, and install it.
6. Clean the dirt inside the electrical equipment.
The coils are dried for inspection of insulation and electrical conductivity. Remove dirt from the poles of the battery and apply butter on the line cards and poles. Unscrew the filling hole cover, clear the ventilation hole, clean the impurities in the battery with distilled water, wash and add electrolyte to charge.

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