Manure application benefits

There are many shortcomings of the manure application method, because the ammonium nitrogen in the manure is very unstable. After being blown and exposed to the sun, it is highly volatile. In the event of rainfall or irrigation, the nutrients are lost and the fertilizer efficiency is reduced. Comparing manure application by ditching with splashing method, it has the following advantages: First, it prolongs and increases fertilizer efficiency and reduces the volatilization and loss of fertilizer. Second, it is used for ditching, fertilizer is applied deeply, and it can promote downward extension and deep drawing of crop roots. It is not easy to fall down and improve the resistance to crops. Third, it saves manpower, and uses manure in the pouring method to add a lot of water to dilute. When the buried method is used, manure is applied between the rows and is far from the root of the crop. Without watering, labor can be saved. Fourth, vegetable pollution can be avoided and it is good for your health.

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