Pond fish feeding bait seven measures

First, the right medicine in the prevention and treatment of fish disease, we must first diagnose correctly, determine the fish disease, and then we must understand the physical and chemical properties of the fish drug to be used to see if it has other toxic side effects, and see the instructions before use, according to different fish Diseases, use different drugs to achieve symptomatic treatment.

Second, the food and spices of the food should be used to eat the food of sick fish, made of floating or sink like bait. Herbivorous fish can be mixed with Sudan grass, goosegrass or fresh weed grass. Codfish, clams, and herring are cooked with bean cakes. Salmon is mixed with wheat bran. All conditions can be mixed with feed mix or made into a variety of granular pills.

Third, the exact amount of drug prevention and treatment of fish disease, you must first accurately calculate the pool water volume and the correct estimate of the fish pond weight, and then accurately calculate the weight of grass, herring, but also will be possible to eat food bait fish, quail, bream, bream and other fish The weight estimate comes in to ensure that the amount of medication is accurate. In general, the amount of bait to be fed is 23 to 30 percent less than that of ordinary food, and the dosage and concentration of pesticides must not be arbitrarily increased to avoid fish poisoning.

4. At noon during the summer high temperatures, drug reactions are accelerated, and strong oxidants such as bleach can quickly reach higher concentrations. They are slightly careless and can easily cause fish death. There are also some drugs that are easily decomposed under strong light and have reduced spasticity. Therefore, the fish pond medication must be conducted in cool and sunny weather in the early morning and early evening.

Fifth, before feeding the drug bait to be fed regularly, appropriately reducing the number of feeding points. Before feeding fish medicine, it is generally necessary to stop feeding for 1 day to prevent fish diseases. Treating fish diseases should be stopped for 2 days before feeding the baits, so that the fish will feel hunger and urge them to eat baits. Before the administration, some conventional feeds should be taken to make the disease-free fish eat for about 30 minutes, and then the baits should be administered so that the slow-moving fish can eat the baits, and the medicine can be combined with the fish pond to sprinkling the bait to enhance the control effect.

Sixth, dissolved adhesion with green fodder mixed baits, to participate in mixed cooked flour, tapioca powder and other paste adhesive, in order to avoid the loss of drugs, affect the results. When using solid drugs such as copper sulphate, bleaching powder and ferrous sulphate, they should be fully dissolved and mixed to a certain concentration, and then spilled to the fish pond to prevent the fish from swallowing the residue, resulting in the death of gills or high concentration of fish due to dissolution of solids. .

Seven, check the effect of the use of baits, generally have to feed 3 to 5 days for a course of treatment, the middle of stopping the drug 1-2 days, depending on the condition decide whether to continue medication or withdrawal. And within 24 hours of the first application, observe the dynamics of the fish. If any abnormalities are found, appropriate measures must be taken. If it is serious, the water should be injected immediately for inspection, and the reasons should be analyzed. Lessons should be summed up to continuously improve the control effect.

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