Rape suitable temperature table for each growth period

1, germination and emergence

Average daily temperature at 15 ~ 18 °C germination fast, the optimum temperature is 20 ~ 25 °C. Rapeseed is suitable for soils with moist vegetables. Soil moisture is insufficient or excessive, which affects the normal germination of rapeseed. At temperatures above 12°C, the water is suitable and the sunshine is sufficient. The leaves of rape seedlings are robust and the roots grow well. Rape can withstand short-term resistance at -3 to 5°C at seedling stage. Freezing damage occurs when the temperature drops to -5°C or lower.

2, Lei Lei bolting period

Bud temperature is about 5 °C, bolting temperature of about 10 °C, water and fertilizer sufficient and reasonable close planting, plant growth is normal. Lack of water and fertilizer, small leaf growth, unfavorable for the branches. Excessive water and fertilizer, excessive density, excessively lush foliage, poor ventilation and light transmission, and effective branching reduction, must maintain sufficient soil moisture and sufficient nutrients.

3, flowering period

General flowering temperature is 12 ~ 20 °C, the most suitable temperature is about 16 °C, do not flower below 5 °C, in case of cold in winter susceptible to frost damage. Sunshine, adequate soil moisture, is conducive to flowering.

4, mature period

The temperature is around 20°C, with sufficient sunshine and moderate moisture, which is conducive to maturation. Rain, dampness, and low temperatures are not mature.

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