Thermostatic oil bath use instructions and precautions for use

Constant temperature oil bath thermostatted oil pans instructions need to refuel in the bath pot, then power, digital temperature table shows the actual measured temperature, the switch control knob while observing the readings to the desired set temperature value, when the set When the fixed temperature value exceeds the oil temperature, the heating indicator light is on, indicating that the heater has started to work. When the oil temperature reaches your desired temperature, the constant temperature indicator lights up and the heating indicator light is off. It should be noted that the oil in the pot cannot be used to expose the oil surface. In order to avoid burning the electric heating tube, causing leakage phenomenon, operating the constant temperature oil bath pot Note 1: In order to ensure safety, please connect the ground wire when using.
2: It is strictly forbidden to add oil and dry.
3 When not working, the power should be cut off to avoid accidents and can be customized according to customer requirements.

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