Mistakes in medicine

Mistakes in medicine

Source: Zhejiang Rui'an Dongyuan Medical Equipment Machinery Factory

The main contents of traditional Chinese medicine decocting errors are as follows:

Misunderstanding 1: Two bowls of fried eight points, one bowl and half fried seven points

The decoction method of traditional Chinese medicine has a great influence on the dissolution rate of the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine. The traditional Chinese medicine in Xiamen - eight bowls fried eight points, one bowl and half fried seven points, many old Chinese medicine and pharmacies are also introduced to patients in this way, in fact, this statement is too general.

For example, Chinese medicine has large packets and small packets, and the weight varies. When the medicine is multi-flavored, the two bowls are fried and dried, while the children have less medicine and more fried. Not only the children can not finish, the medicine will also dilute and reduce the medicine. effect.

Misunderstanding 2: think that Chinese medicine is dirty, repeated cleaning

Some people think that Chinese medicine has been washed repeatedly with dust or even dirt. This practice is not advisable. Some Chinese medicine ingredients are dissolved in water. After washing a few times, the efficacy is gone. For example, the heart of the heart, itself is a kind of soil, the water is all gone, and the earth abalone is necessary to hang the soil. The doctor suggested that the public only need to soak the Chinese medicine directly after boiling, do not wash.

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