How to use aerosols in greenhouses

First, tightly sealed. Before using aerosols to control pests and diseases in greenhouses, it is necessary to check the surface of the sheds, make up for loopholes, and make the sheds close and tight. The more effective the closure is, the more effective the control is.

Second, medication time. It is advisable to light the grass curtain in the evening. Cloudy, rainy, and snowy days ignite aerosols to prevent and eliminate insects. If applied under sunlight, the surface temperature of the plant is the same as the temperature of the aerosol particles, and the smoke is not easily deposited and affects the efficacy.

Third, medication methods. Aerosols were placed in the shed, and the distance was even. When they were discharged, they were ignited in order from the inside to the outside in the greenhouse. Finally, the aerosols at the greenhouse outlet were all lit and the people left the site to seal the greenhouse overnight. The next morning, all the vents in the greenhouse were opened, and sufficient ventilation allowed people to enter the shed.

Fourth, use the dose. According to the size of the greenhouse space, the occurrence of pests and diseases and the effective content of aerosol agents.

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