Make your own feed, simple!

Make your own feed, simple!

Generally farmers are buying feeds directly from feed yards or dealers. Actually, there is a very simple way to make their own feeds. That is, fermentation is used as a feed, and the source of raw materials is also very abundant. The agent such as goldfish starter, if it can use feces, drowning water, plant stalks, etc., after the above materials are put in a certain ratio, add 2% by professional feed fermentation agent (such as Golden Baby II feed starter), and then Add water and stir well to keep the moisture content at about 65%. The simple judgment method is: grasping the material by hand can be a group, loose the floor and can spread. Excessively high moisture is not good. Then it is packed in a plastic bag or sealable tank and sealed for 3 days (when the winter time is slightly longer, it can be a day or two in summer). When the material is yellowish-green and odorless and slightly sour, the fermentation is basically completed. Can be fed.

The Paddy Rice Weeder is specially designed for weeding the paddy field.

The perfect replace for the weedicide ,can avoid the enviro ment pollution Caused by chemicals use

It could loosen soil avoid soil hardening.

Product features:

1.Share running track with rice transplanter;
2.Weeding between rows and plants can be achieved with high weeding rate;
3.Without power drive, the rate of injured seedlings and buried seedlings is low;
4.Hydraulic profiling, high operating efficiency.

Paddy Rice Weeder

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