Rice seed germination technology

The main advantages of rice seed germination techniques in warm water soaking and electric blankets germination are as follows: First, it can increase the germination rate to more than 95%, and the shoots have a short root, which is safe and reliable; second, it shortens the soaking and germination time, and soaks the seeds to the standard buds. Only 48 hours, half the time than other methods, is conducive to timely sowing; Third, the operation is simple, save time and labor. The specific operating techniques are as follows.
First, pre-emergence hotbed preparation. The blankets purchased from the shop will be covered with 2 to 3 layers of new plastic agricultural film (without film and micro-membrane), so that the electric blanket cannot be filled with water in order to avoid electric leakage. Then select a house with good insulation properties, clean it and use a virus-free dry straw, sawdust and other insulation to bottom 16 to 20 cm thick, spread the wrapped electric blanket on the insulation, and then on the electric blanket. Put a straw mat or bamboo mat on it so that the germination can be piled up and the surrounding of the hotbed surrounded by wood.
Second, the seed disinfection. According to 10 grams of strong chlorine fine 45 °C warm water 5 kg mixed with 3.5 kg of the proportion of immersed rice, disinfection for 2 hours, then remove and wash with water to drain, ready to germination.
Third, preheat rice varieties. The sterilized seed valley was poured into a hot water container containing 55° C., and it was inverted and rolled. After standing for 3 to 5 minutes, the temperature was adjusted by stirring 3 to 4 times so that the rice was grown in warm water at 35° C. Preheat thoroughly and absorb water for about 1 hour.
Fourth, electric blankets prime. The preheated water-absorbed rice seeds are picked out and drained, and evenly spread on warm blankets of electric blankets. Generally, 1 blanket person electric blanket can urge 15 kg to 25 kg of rice seeds. Then use a plastic film to cover the rice seed, cover the film with grass and other insulation, and seal it tightly around it, and then electrify. In the hotbed, two to three thermometers must be installed at equal distances, and the temperature should always be maintained at 25 to 32°C. If the temperature reaches 39°C, it should be stopped and cooled. In order not to burn out the electric blanket, electricity can be stopped for 3 to 5 hours at noon during the day. During germination, it is necessary to check the temperature and humidity carefully. If the rice seeds are a little dry, they should be sprayed with water and humidified in time, and often be turned for ventilation so that the rice and grain valleys will be heated evenly, and buds will sprout vigorously. Using this method, rice seeds begin to break in 8 to 10 hours and can reach 90% after 24 hours. After budding, the temperature of the hotbed is controlled at 25 to 28°C and the humidity is maintained at about 80%. After maintaining for 12 hours, standard buds can be sowed. Other management methods are the same.
Pregermination is to increase the seed germination rate, and to increase the seed germination rate can also be carried out using an incubator. Artificial climate incubators are recommended.

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