All stainless steel clamp type sanitary diaphragm pressure gauge

Hygienic diaphragm pressure gauge

Surface diameter : 60MM , 100MM

Diaphragm outer diameter : 1.5” ( 50.5MM ) or 2" ( 64MM )

The sealing ring is made of silicone rubber or polytetraethylene , which meets the GMP standards for pharmaceutical hygiene standards .

Diaphragm, flange material: 316L

Description of use: Hygienic diaphragm pressure gauge is a system of diaphragm pressure gauge composed of all stainless steel pressure gauge and diaphragm separator. It can be used to measure the pressure of strong corrosion, high temperature, high viscosity, easy solidification and solid floating medium, and Some measuring media cannot directly enter the general-purpose instrument and pressure detection in the case where it is easy to clean and prevent accumulation of sediment. Moreover, it has the advantages of quick and easy disassembly and assembly at the process site, is not easy to be polluted, easy to clean, safe and reliable, and can meet the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice ( GMP ), and has requirements for hygiene in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, water treatment and other industries. It is widely used.


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