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Paddlefish is a famous large-scale freshwater economic fish produced in North America (USA). Its feeding habit is similar to that of Chinese carp. It uses zooplankton as bait and is a filter-feeding fish, but it can also eat leeches and artificial compound feed. Paddlefish is one of the faster-growing fishes in freshwater fish. The fish fry about 10cm can reach 0.5kg or more in the same year. It is a fine variety cultivated in ponds, especially reservoirs and lakes. Paddlefish have extremely high economic value, with less fish and less fish. The fish contains 18.1% protein. The meat is delicate and delicious. It can be directly processed into dishes or processed into advanced sashimi; it can also be made into smoked fish or canned food. Its price is 70. 80 US dollars / kg, in the international market supply. Adult female eggs contain up to 20.6% protein, is a valuable supplement, can make caviar, the best-selling in the international market, in short supply, the price of 400 ~ 500 US dollars / kg, known as "black gold." The fish gills and notochord can be made into fish glue, and the fish skin can be processed into high pole leather products. In addition, the notochord contains KH2, an anti-cancer factor, which is 4 to 5 times more than that of sharks. Therefore, it is highly promising for drug development.

Our Heterocyclic Compounds has been developing from 2015 year, it is a relatively new class of compounds in our company. Our heterocyclic compounds conducted by a dedicated research and development teams. The R & D team focused on researching heterocyclic compounds, other products are performed by other technical team. Our goal is to catch up with the industry's professional heterocyclic manufacturer. At present our products are mainly composed of pyridine, pyrimidine, thiazole. In addition to our regular products, we accept any form of customized services, to undertake from grams to tons of production. After receiving inquiry, we will give a quotation within 2 working days with coa specifications,If you have special requirements, please provide details in the mail, we will combine the specific requirements and provide an accurate accounting of the costs of the offer. Under normal circumstances, we have the longest production cycle is not more than 45 days.

Heterocyclic Compounds

Heterocyclic Compounds,Cyclopropanecarboxylic Acid,Benzenedithiol Dihydrochloride

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