How to choose a laboratory centrifuge

Centrifuges are widely used in biomedicine, petrochemical, agricultural, food hygiene and other fields. They use the difference in precipitation speed of different substances in the centrifugal force field to achieve analytical separation of samples. After the 1970s, the desktop centrifuge was greatly developed. Due to its simple structure, low cost and small size, the desktop centrifuge quickly became a routine instrument in the laboratory.

Well-known centrifuge manufacturers at home and abroad almost all produce desktop centrifuges, such as Heraeus, eppendorf, Slgma, Hettlch, He, which are active in China in recent years. Ie, Jouan of France, Beckman of the United States, Sorvall, IEC, Hitachi, Kubota of Japan. SANYO/MSE and so on. Domestic manufacturers include Beijing Medical Centrifuge Factory, Beijing Lukeshun Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Anting Scientific Instrument Factory, Hunan Instrument and Meter Factory Centrifuge Factory, Tumen Centrifuge Factory.

Centrifuge is a high-tech product integrating multi-disciplinary and multi-technology. There are many manufacturers and products, so we should examine it in multiple ways. Firstly, the model should be determined according to the application needs, such as rotor, speed, capacity, temperature, etc. Generally, high speed should not be used for low speed. It should not be used for general purpose. The universal centrifuge takes into account the characteristics of high speed and low speed, large capacity and micro centrifuge. A variety of rotors, so popular with research laboratories, but the price is high. After the model is determined, the technical data, technical performance, maintainability and safety of the product should be further investigated. Stable and reliable. Safety standards, price, shape and appearance.

Here are some suggestions for our purchase of your centrifuge:

1. Brushless motor is better than DC motor smoke;
2. Microcomputer control is better than discrete component control;
3. Control and display the temperature of the sample is more practical than controlling and displaying the temperature of the chamber;
4. The accuracy of speed and temperature is higher than low;
5. The more perfect the safety measures, the better;
6. The more standard certification projects, the better;
7. The automation program is better than low;
8. More functions than less;
9. The width of the rotor selection range is narrower;
10. The acceleration of lifting is faster than slow.

After the model is determined, it is not advisable to buy more, because the life of the rotor is limited by the number of times of centrifugation and time. In addition, the rotor is very expensive, so it is mainly considered to buy the commonly used rotor for three or five years. The after-sales service of the manufacturer is also the main factor of investigation. The technical maintenance of the centrifuge is very strong. It is not only an overhaul problem, but also involves quality and safety issues. If the centrifuge is overhauled or involved in the inspection of safety components, it should be measured in time, such as unbalanced transmission. Sensing, speed and temperature accuracy, electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility, etc., should alert the user to special attention.

After years of research, centrifuges and centrifugal technology are still developing and improving. Brushless motors, multi-function, automation, microcomputer control, safety and standards, and improved rotor quality and types are still the development of desktop centrifuges in the future. direction. Many centrifuges compete for each other, and the quality, technical performance, after-sales service and price of the products are still the focus of attention of manufacturers and users.


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