All stainless steel clamp type sanitary bimetal thermometer

Surface diameter: 60MM , 75MM , 100MM , 150MM

Clamp: 50.5MM (1.5 inch), 64MM (2 inch)

Description of use: Bimetal thermometer is a kind of temperature measuring instrument that uses bimetal as temperature sensing element. It is widely used in the measurement and control of mechanical, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, food, ship, water treatment equipment and other production processes. The temperature of gases, liquids and vapors can be measured directly.

  The clamp hygienic thermometer meets the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and is suitable for sanitary systems. In such systems, the medium cannot be in contact with the meter measurement system. The sanitary clamp seal does not produce dead corners or areas that cannot be emptied. Such thermometers have the advantages of quick and easy disassembly and assembly, are not easy to be contaminated, easy to clean, beautiful in appearance, safe and reliable in technical performance, and can be widely used in pharmaceuticals, foods, beverages, etc. Cheese, water treatment and other industries.

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