Cucumber bending optional nine methods

Straight and curved cucumber is one of the main indicators to identify the quality of cucumber, which is directly related to the economic benefits of cucumber cultivation. The emergence of cucumbers in cucumbers is caused by lack of light, low temperature and malnutrition. In addition to improving the cultivation conditions, the solution can also be curved guava straight drop technology, the effect is very obvious, and no pollution, there is a high promotion value.

First, choose seed varieties. Choose a cucumber variety that is strong in parthenocarpy.

Second, hormone treatment. Before and after the opening of young flowers, 30 mg/kg gibberellic acid (9,020) solution was applied to the curved surface of the curved melon and the melon strips became straight after several days.

Third, the blade processing. Before and after the opening of the young flowers, a shallow printing was made with a blade at the back of the curved guava, and then a shallow printing of 1-3 lines was cut. The depth was 0.5 cm and the length was 2-5 cm. This bend can be straightened, and the wound is almost invisible when it is sold.

Fourth, the reins fall straight. When the cucumber grows to 10 centimeters in length, if a curved melon is found, small tiles or small bricks with a length of 4 cm in width and 2 cm in width may be hung on the flowers, so that with the growth of the cucumber, the melon can be bent. Can be fallen straight.

Fifth, strengthen management. If the fertilizer is insufficient, the planting density is large, the light is less, the weeds are more, the nutrient supply is insufficient, and the soil is dry, the small heads crooked melons easily; if the nutrient water is too much, the stems and leaves are too luxuriant, and it is easy to produce big head bending melons. Therefore, reasonable cultivation measures should be taken, scientific fertilization, ground watering (but less water per time), and watering time during high temperature period should not be too long. Avoid excessive dryness and excessive humidity in the soil and actively prevent and treat pests and diseases to promote smooth growth and development of the fruit.

Six, prevent premature aging leaves. NPK fertilizer and microbial fertilizer and multi-element mineral fertilizers and organic fertilizers should be used in fertilizer application. In the early stage, organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer were used as base fertilizer. 20 kg of microbial inoculant and 20-30 kg of multi-element mineral fertilizer can be applied per acre after flowering and fruit setting, promoting the growth of cucumber roots, supplementing nutrients, and controlling cucumber roots and leaves. Premature ageing reduces the production of malformed melons. The yield of cucumber depends mainly on the leaves for photosynthesis. Therefore, as long as the bottom leaves are not yellow, generally do not remove the bottom leaves too early and too much.

Seven, control the yield. Too high yield per plant will increase the burden on the plants. In the early stages, excessive fruiting or picking is not timely, and the leaves will age quickly. It is easy to form curved melons. For the prevention of curved cucurbits, spiked squashes and tapioca, the cucumber leaves are sprayed with Shuofeng 481 (0.1% natural canola lactone soluble powder) 7000-9000 times solution (first dissolved in warm water of 50°C-60°C, and then water Spraying) or compound microbial fertilizer 200 times, spraying once every 7-9 days, even spraying 2-3 times.

Eight, mechanical bending melon treatment. For mechanical bending melon, in the hanging vine, wrapped in vines, remove blocking factors in time, so that melons can be drooping.

Nine, pick rolls. Removal of tendrils can prevent bending caused by physical obstacles such as tendrils. Frequently occurring curved cucurbits are caused by factors such as drug effects or long-term over- or under-temperature, and lean plants. Once it is difficult to grow straight, it can be removed immediately before and after female flowers without affecting yield and benefits. Curved melon can promote the next morning melon melon market.

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