Principle of grape fertilization

Principle of grape fertilization

(1) Basal fertilizer is mainly used as a supplement for top dressing; roots are mainly used for fertilization; roots are used for supplements outside fertilization; farmhouse organic fertilizer is the main factor, and chemical fertilizers are supplementary.

(b) See tree fertilization. Large trees and multiple facilities, small trees and less facilities; weak trees and more facilities, strong trees and less facilities; the results of many more facilities, the results of less and less.

(c) See fertilizer properties and quality fertilization. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium three elements of fertilizer, application of trace elements (Note: prohibited the application of chlorine compound fertilizer and nitrate nitrogen fertilizer); farmer fertilizer poor quality of multiple applications.

(four) see fertilization. Indulge in more uselessly and fertilize less.

Bee Pollen comes from nature, is the bee from the flowers (nectar plants and pollen plants) flowers collected in the pollen grains, and joined the special glandular secretions (nectar and saliva) mixed into an irregular Flat round shape. Bee pollen has a unique natural health care and medical and cosmetic value, is more and more people know, is a high-protein low-fat nutritional health food, known as "all-round nutrition food" "concentrated natural medicine library" "Oral cosmetics" and so on, is the treasure of human natural food.

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