Chicken manure out of harmful bacteria into accomplice

Shouguang Town, Tianliu Town, Changjiazhuang Village, a vegetable farmer, smashed the chicken manure on the cucumbers in greenhouses, and felt good after washing. Recently, he heard that chicken manure and biofungi are more effective after flushing, so he bought some bacteria and chicken manure and washed it together. However, what he did not expect was that the symptoms of air pollution appeared on cucumbers soon after flushing: plants wilted and leaves dry. Although it is not very serious, but the regular chef is still very puzzled: "Does the chicken dung and bio-fertilizer match? Is it a problem with the quality of biological bacterial fertilizer?"

After a detailed understanding of the situation, the reporter believed that the gas damage was caused by the fact that chicken manure was not cooked and thorough. "But 10 days ago I just rushed chicken droppings once again, or the chicken droppings the same as last time, but there was no gas damage!" said the regular chef.

In response, the reporter explained: “You had a single flush of chicken droppings a few days ago. Although the chicken droppings were not cooked thoroughly, the volatilized ammonia gas was slower and did not cause damage to the cucumbers. Therefore, there were no air pollution symptoms. But now you mix it with bio-fertilizer. The biological bacteria in the bio-fertilizer will accelerate the decomposing speed of the chicken manure and produce more ammonia, which will cause damage to the cucumber."

After listening to the reporter’s explanations, Master Chang suddenly realized that “it turned out to be a 'good thing' for biological bacteria, and it seems that the use of chicken manure in combination with bio-fertilizer is really a bit of a prudence.”

“The main reason is not the application of biological fertilizers, but rather the incomplete decomposition of chicken manure. To be honest, the effect of biofungus fertilizer combined with chicken manure is indeed very good. But remember that chicken manure must be thoroughly cooked before it is used. When the chicken manure suffers from ammonia damage, biological bacterial fertilizer will act as an "accomplice"," the reporter emphasized.

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