Pigs will not pass the disease

In order to raise good pigs, it is necessary to have a good feeding and management method, which is also a fundamental measure to enhance the disease resistance of pigs. The scientific method of raising pigs is to feed in captive circles so that the pigs can't run around and eat to prevent the spread of diseases. It is scientifically reasonable for people in China to have the saying that “raising pigs is not a circle and will pass the disease”.

Some people think that pigs are free-range and have no disease or disaster, so they can feed well and grow fast. This argument is wrong, it is not scientific. In fact, free-range pigs consume a lot of energy, not only not long, but also increase the chance of swine disease, such as swine fever, can be infected through the mouth, nose, eye conjunctiva, genital mucosa and skin infections, infected pigs Direct contact between sick pigs and susceptible, healthy pigs increases the risk of swine fever transmission. Another example is a pig with long pox. It is because the loose pigs run around and ate and ingested the feces of the worm’s patient and infected. Another example is the excretion of infected pigs infected with leptospirosis disease contaminated food and drinking water, it is easy to spread the disease to people, causing people suffering from zoonotic leptospirosis, will seriously harm People's health. Free-range pigs not only spread the disease, but also lead to random distribution of pigs, causing the inheritance of inferior species. Obviously, if we do not change this backward method of pig rearing as soon as possible, we will suffer endlessly.

It is imperative to strengthen the scientific management of pigs and improve the feeding conditions of pigs. In order to increase the efficiency of raising pigs, it is necessary to change the old practice of free-range pigs and to implement captive breeding so that people have toilets, pigs have a circle, and a strict prevention system is implemented. Doing a good job of "two reforms" and "five reforms" is an effective measure to cut off many infectious diseases such as swine infective pox swine and Leptospira.

Seeking truth from facts, pigs are not lapped, free-ranged, scattered everywhere, run around (scary crops), randomly spread (disease spread) and disorderly (varieties degenerate), and many valuable high-quality fertilizers are thrown away, which wastes fertilizer. Contaminated the natural environment; neither sanitary nor civilized. Once again, the habit of free-range pigs is not good. In order to effectively use the pig manure, save feed, shorten the fattening period, reduce the disease, and improve the overall efficiency of pig raising, it is necessary to change the free-range pigs into captive pigs and promote low-cost and high-efficiency. Captive mode.

With the rapid development of the pig industry, the pig-breeding industry is moving from small-scale decentralized rearing to large-scale intensive rearing. This not only requires modern breeding management methods, but also puts forward new requirements for the prevention and control of pig diseases. The establishment and improvement of pig farms and epidemic control systems are directly related to the quality of farm operations and cannot be ignored.

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