Biogas slurry feed effect is good

In a 1:1 ratio, the feed is mixed with wet fermented biogas slurry and mixed well. Feeding cows and chickens can receive good feeding results, but the amount of biogas slurry should be moderate, if the amount of biogas slurry When the ratio of feed is greater than 1:1, cows and chickens may have diarrhea. Effect The various bioactive substances contained in the biogas slurry, such as amino acids and trace elements, can effectively stimulate the ovulation function of the hen's ovary and improve egg production. Therefore, hens reared with biogas slurry are 20 days ahead of schedule and the egg production period is about 50 days longer than that of the control chickens. The average egg production period is 250 days. The hens fed on a single feed have an average annual egg production rate. The period is 200 days. The former produces 25% more eggs than the latter. In addition, the eggs produced by chickens fed with biogas slurry had an average egg weight of 46.7 g/piece, while the average weight of eggs produced from chicken fed a single feed was 39.6 g/piece. The latter egg weight gain rate was 17.9%. When the chickens were fed with biogas slurry, the average weight of the chickens was 1.8 kg within 10 months. Instead of the comparison chickens fed with biogas slurry, the average weight was 1.4 kg. The former had a higher weight gain rate than the latter. 75%. The various nutrients and hormones contained in the biogas slurry can stimulate the milk production function of the dairy cow's milking system and thus increase milk production. According to the experiment of the rural energy station in Ruichang County, Jiangxi Province, cows were fed with the proportion of biogas slurry and feed amount of 1:1--2, and the average daily milk production of the test cattle increased by 2.29-2. 4 kg.

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