June apple top dressing urgently needed promotion

Fertilizer is a material guarantee for apple trees with high quality, high yield, and stable production. All technical measures for efficient cultivation of orchards must be based on adequate nutrition. In the middle and early June, the positive peak of apple flower bud differentiation is also the first rapid growth period of young fruit. The production practice shows that: in June of each year, topdressing the fruit trees and giving appropriate amount of irrigation water, the fruit is significantly more water than no fertilizer. The much larger, and the fruit quality will be greatly improved, but also can significantly change the size of fruit trees, especially the large amount of Red Fuji varieties. At present, there are few fruit growers that produce fertilizers for fruit trees during the current period. This is a measure that needs to be promoted to increase production, improve quality, and increase efficiency.

Top dressing methods: top dressings include top dressings and top dressings. What needs to be emphasized is that, although there are many benefits for foliar spray fertilizers and they are increasingly valued, they cannot replace fertilizers in the soil. Because the use of fertilizer by the leaves is limited, most of the nutrients needed by the tree still need to be supplied by soil fertilization. When the rhizosphere topdressing is suitable for soil moisture, it can be applied in strip or circular fertilization method, and the orchard with difficulty in water supply for drought and flooding should be more widely promoted.

Phosphate and potash fertilizers are the main types of topdressing, supplemented by nitrogen fertilizers. The amount of topdressing is the same as conventional topdressing.

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