The main points of fertilization techniques for garlic sprouts in protective fields

The cultivation of garlic sprouts (garlic-yellow garlic) in protected areas is simple and easy to master. As long as the water, fertilizer, and temperature are well controlled, it can be produced with little risk. The second is the availability of greenhouses. The third is short production cycle and high economic benefits.

1. Fertilizer preparation When garlic is grown in a greenhouse or greenhouse, many garlic bulbs are planted directly on the ground. Before planting, punish and crush fine quality farmyard fertilizer every 667?, spread it to the ground, deepen 20-25?, mix the loam and mix, and flatten it.

After passing through the root plate, remove the garlic head of the old garlic stalk and place it in the cultivation bowl.

2. After the planting of fertilizer management, the production of garlic sprouts can be done without any seedlings. After planting, the first knife must be poured and the garlic must be poured three times. The garlic is cultivated in the greenhouse. When the base fertilizer is applied, it is generally not necessary to top-dress the fertilizer. When nitrogen fertilizer affects growth, ammonium phosphate can be used for water pouring. Each 667 can be applied 15 to 20?. Fertilizer can not be applied directly and then watered. In order to promote the rapid growth of garlic seedlings, when the seedling height is 20? 200 times of ammonium nitrate fertilizer solution can be used for watering 1 time. Every 667 tons of ammonium nitrate can be used for 5~6?. Also, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, high yield element, urea, etc. can be used for foliar dressing. After each foliar dressing, it should be used. Water is sprayed on both sides to avoid fertilizer damage.

As long as water, fertilizer, and temperature control are appropriate, generally 20 days after planting, the first crop of garlic can be harvested.

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