Rose Blight Symptoms and Prevention Methods

1. Symptoms: Usually occur in the branches, the lesions are initially small red spots, gradually expanded into dark, the lesion center becomes light brown, the edges of the lesions brown and purple contrast with the stem green, disease The conidiospores of the fungus appear when the center of the lesion turns brown. With the increase of the conidia, longitudinal cracks appear in the epidermis of the stem. When the incidence is serious, the branches and leaves of the diseased part will shrink and die.

2. Pathogen and pathogenicity: The pathogen is Rose Shield. The pathogens use the spore component of mycelium to overwinter on the diseased branches, and the conidiospores are spread in wind and rain the following year. The pathogens generally invade people from wounds, and the incisions during grafting and pruning are susceptible to the disease.

3. Prevention and metallurgy methods: (1) Autumn disease was not collected and litter was concentrated and burned. (2) pruning should choose sunny. (3) 50% Tuzet WP, 70% chlorothalonil wettable powder, or 50% carbendazim WP may be sprayed at the time of onset to control.

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