Let the potato technology in the laboratory move toward Daejeon as soon as possible

In the Daxinganling Mountains in July, Linyi was mellow and green. In the Daxing'anling Regional Agriculture and Forestry Academy's agricultural experimentation base, a large number of potatoes have reached the flowering season. In the fields, farmers are busy weeding potatoes. After a rainy weather lasting more than a month, there is finally a sky-high day here. The farmers are seizing the time and working hard for a month later. Not far away, experts and scholars from all over the country are watching and looking at the potatoes in the experimental base.

In order to implement the plan of the “National Modern Agricultural Industrial Technology System Construction” program of the Ministry of Agriculture and promote the healthy development of the potato industry, from July 18th to 19th, it was sponsored by the National Potato Industry Technology R&D Center and the Institute of Vegetables and Flowers, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Heilongjiang Province. Daxing’anling Agricultural Forestry Research Institute hosted the “National Potato Industry Technology System Genetics and Breeding Training and Potato Seed Potato Big Ridges Supporting Cultivation Technology On-Site Observation Meeting” held in Gagdaqi. More than 170 scholars and experts from all over the country delivered speeches and heated discussions on relevant issues such as potato breeding.

Li Liqiu, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Agriculture's Grain, Cotton, and Oil High Production Creation Activity Office, said at the meeting that with the continuous deepening of China's agricultural structure adjustment, the potato has become an important component of national food security and is an eight-part activity in the creation of high-yielding grain, cotton, and oil products. One of the crops, the "small potatoes, big industry" argument has been widely recognized by the community. Regardless of whether it is used as a food or a vegetable crop, the role of potatoes in total grain production and peasants' income increase has become more and more important. Many parties have taken the potato as a bright spot for economic crops and local economic development. He particularly emphasized that the core of the creation of high yield is to allow farmers to fully grasp the scientific farming techniques and thus increase the yields on a large scale. It is necessary to change the status of “re-intensity of scientific research and promotion of breeding and light cultivation”. The new varieties developed in the laboratory should be supported by practical cultivation techniques at the same time. New technologies that are easily accepted by farmers should be continuously explored to improve the promotion of new varieties and new technologies. Effect, to achieve the purpose of increasing income.

Dr. Jin Liping, chief scientist of the National Potato Industry Technology Research and Development Center, said that during the six-month period since the potato industry technology system was launched, the R&D center has carried out many R&D training demonstrations. The potato industry has received unprecedented attention and has achieved considerable development. For the potato industry technology system, this is the first time to observe the conference and seminar. How to better apply the research and development results to production, unite potato research and development teams inside and outside the system, jointly contribute to the development of the potato industry, and improve the research and development level both inside and outside the system through training, etc. This meeting will be a good one. beginning. It is hoped that the development of the potato industry in northeast China and even the whole country will be promoted through variety demonstrations, technology demonstrations, and application of large-scale cultivation techniques in the Daxinganling region.

The technological system of modern agricultural industry is based on the regional distribution plan for advantageous agricultural products, relying on the central and local scientific research resources with innovative advantages, and setting up a national industrial technology research and development center for each bulk agricultural product. At present, 50 modern agricultural industrial technology systems have been established throughout the country, and potato is one of them. In addition, in this year’s high-yield creation activity, 100 acres of potato demonstration fields have been built, involving 23 provinces and districts. Some demonstrative fields such as Fujian and Hubei have achieved remarkable results and have achieved a good result of a large number of demonstration households.

In recent years, Daxing’anling area, with its unique advantages, has been supported by science and technology and market-oriented. It has vigorously promoted the potato virus-free seed potato industry development. After more than 10 years of efforts, it established a virus-free seed potato breeding system and registered it. The "Xingjia" brand trademark has formulated the Daxing'anling detoxified seed potato quality standard, established and established a potato testing center, and formed a potato-based potato virus-free seed potato industrialization pattern, which is sold annually to 17 domestic provinces and cities. More than 20 million kilograms of excellent virus-free seed potatoes. In order to further promote the development of the potato industry in the local area, an unveiling ceremony for the Daxinganling Comprehensive Experimental Station of the national potato industry technology system was held during the meeting.

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