Summer flower control temperature

Temperature is a key factor affecting the growth of flowers. Summer light and high temperatures can easily cause flower burns and affect their growth. To make flowers safe in summer, the following measures should be taken to control the temperature:

Avoiding light and temperature control: During the summer and summer months of July and September, the flowers in the flower garden should be shaded with a shade net, or the flower pots should be moved to the shed, under the shade of a tree, or kept in a room with good ventilation and direct sunlight. Ventilation and ventilation to prevent exposure to light and reduce temperature.

Spray water cooling: In addition to the influence of light, the temperature is also closely related to the change of moisture. Water has an endothermic function, so you can use water spray to cool down. Dry and water shortage during the high temperature period in summer can easily lead to water shortage in plant cells and cause wilting. In severe cases, it can cause plants to die. Therefore, in the high temperature and drought period, we must strengthen irrigation, timely watering, or spray water on the ground around the plant, wet grass and foliar spray, which can increase the humidity of the soil and air to achieve the purpose of lowering the temperature, generally watering In the morning and evening hours.

Hormone thermoregulation: spraying 750PPm of paclobutrazol, 1500PPm of Qingxin or 1500PPm to 2000PPm of growth inhibitor at high temperature, plus 0.1% to 0.2% of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, can inhibit plant growth, accelerate the maturation of foliage cells, enhance stress tolerance, and relieve high temperature heat. harm. Applying aspirin (1 tablet in 1 kg of water) in conjunction with watering can promote stomatal closure and reduce leaf transpiration and avoid high temperature burns.

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