Scaled pig farm artificial insemination operation procedure

With the continuous increase in the scale and intensification of the pig industry, the breeding level of sows has directly affected the economic benefits of farmers. The most direct and effective way to increase the breeding level of sows is to use artificial insemination techniques. Artificial insemination technology can not only greatly improve the conception rate of sows, speed up the improvement of pig breeds, promote the raising of pig production level, but also can greatly reduce the number of breeding boars and reduce costs. China's pig artificial insemination technology began to be tested in a handful of colleges and universities and research institutes in the early 1950s. It was widely used in production in the late 1970s and achieved good results. However, the current rate of artificial insemination in China is about 30%, and there is still a certain gap between 60% and 85% in developed countries. Therefore, it must be vigorously promoted. The artificial insemination operation procedure mainly has the following steps:

Pre-seed preparation Preparation chamber washing and disinfection; adjust the laboratory room temperature to 25 °C. Place the fine collection cups, glass rods, thermometers, gauze, latex gloves and other devices in a 40°C thermostat to preheat (except for summer); the microscope adjusts the focal length, and the temperature of the microscope box is maintained at 35°C to 37°C. Place the slides and coverslips in the preheated box; prepare warm water at approximately 25°C.

Semen collection cut off the long hair around the foreskin of the boar, squeeze the accumulation of urine inside the foreskin, and use a wet cloth dampened with potassium permanganate water to wipe one-way from the foreskin. Semen collection is generally used simple grip. The extractor must wear latex gloves, collect the boar semen in the collection cup, and collect the fine cup mouth with 2 to 4 layers of gauze to cover the filter. When the room temperature is low, the cup needs to be added with the insulation sleeve, and then quickly in the experiment. Room for inspection, dilution, and dispensing.

Serum quality inspection

Visual inspection The normal color of pig semen is grayish or milky white. The higher the concentration, the whiter the color is; the normal smell is slightly smelly or odorless; it is generally weakly alkaline or neutral.

Vitality testing to determine sperm motility is an important technique for ensuring conception of sows. The specific operation method is as follows: The sperm droplets are placed on a 38° C. temperature-controlled glass slide and scored on a 10-point scale. The fresh semen activity rate should be greater than 0.6, and the stored semen activity rate should be greater than 0.4.

Morphological examination of sperm breakage, decapitation, protoplasm, head, double, double tail, fold tail and other conditions are abnormal sperm. The rate of sperm deformity of fine boars is generally not more than 18%, and more than 20% of sperm malformation is not suitable for insemination.

Concentration Check The concentration test is an important basis for determining the dilution of the semen. The microscopic observation of the semen can be divided into three levels: dense, medium, and sparse. In addition, blood cell counts and sperm densities can be used to accurately calculate semen density. At present, the sperm density used in artificial insemination is 0.5 million/ml, and the insemination volume is 60 to 80 ml, which ensures effective spermatozoa from 3 to 4 billion.

There are many recipes for diluting, dispensing, and preserving the semen of semen. The choice of which one to use should be based on its effect, preservation method, and economical utility. The commonly used formula is: 5-6g of glucose, 0.3-0.5g of sodium citrate, 0.1g of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid or disodium edetate, added to 100ml with distilled water, and the scale is generally 1000ml. Volume preparation. After confirming the dilution ratio, slowly pour the corresponding dilution solution into the semen along the cup wall and slowly shake it; the diluted semen is packed according to the specifications, and the semen to be stored is slowly cooled in the room for 1 to 2 hours. Store in a 17°C constant temperature refrigerator.

The insemination of sows in the estrus estrus period accurately delivers high-quality semen into the cervix, which is an important part of guaranteeing the higher conception rate of sows. The specific operation method of insemination is: remove the stored semen, perform sperm motility examination, after passing the test, slowly warm up to 37°C to perform insemination. Before insemination, the sow's cunt should be wiped clean with a towel. The vas deferens should be tilted upwards and rotated counterclockwise to reach the cervix of the sow.

In short, the correct use of artificial insemination technology can greatly improve the conception rate of sows, improve the quality of pigs, reduce the spread of diseases, reduce production costs, so that the majority of farmers to obtain greater economic benefits, it is worth promoting.


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