We must carefully choose greenhouses for agricultural machinery

Since the emergence of greenhouses in China, there have been more and more people using greenhouses throughout the country. However, due to the special nature of the greenhouse structure, many agricultural tools are difficult to play in the greenhouse. There is demand for a market, so in the past two or three years, both domestic and foreign agricultural machinery manufacturers have been targeting this gap, and many small agricultural products that are suitable for use in greenhouses have been listed. From a functional point of view, these small-scale agricultural machinery are mainly divided into several types: rotary cultivation, sowing, fertilization, ditching and plant protection. Small farm machinery that circulates on the market is both domestically produced and imported. It is understood that China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association imports of small agricultural machinery and equipment are generally priced at 6,500 yuan, there are two kinds of small domestic agricultural machinery, a price of 4,500 yuan or so, another kind of price of 3,500 yuan.

At present, the quality of imported small-scale farm machinery is generally better than that of domestic products, and the overall operating quality and operational indicators of imported small-scale farm machinery are also higher than that of domestic ones.

Whether it is domestic agricultural machinery or imported agricultural machinery, the functions of these compact and easy-to-use greenhouse agricultural tools are relatively simple. For instance, rotary cultivators cannot perform deep plowing. However, as long as you spend some money, you can support it.

Tip: The purchase of imported greenhouses agricultural machinery should be selected large manufacturers of famous products, buy domestic greenhouse agricultural machinery, should try to choose the more recent manufacturers of products.

The sow through is our Honde brand of high quality sow raising equipment, made of high quality stainless steel SST 304 and featuring automatic welding technology with a thickness of 1mm to 1.2mm and the robustness of the sow through. The depth of the sow through is moderate, which allows it to contain enough food and avoid food waste. The size of the sow through There are many, to meet different needs, it is very convenient. At the same time, the edge of the sow through is smooth and strong, preventing pigs from being harmed while using it. the sow through makes it easy and convenient for your sow to feed, and sows that have used the sow through grow well.

Art Spec Thickness Material


455*370*230mm 1mm SST 304
1231 455*370*230mm 1.2mm SST 304
1233 530*390*230mm 1.2mm SST 304

Sow Trough

Sow Trough

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