Wheat fly

The scientific name of Hylemyia coarctata (Fallen) is synonymous with Delia coarctata (Fallen) belonging to the order Diptera, Drosophilidae. Alias ​​wheat breeding, thin abdomen species fly. Distribution of Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia and Xinjiang.

Hosts wheat, barley, oats and so on.

The larvae harmed the base of wheat stems, causing the leaves to die off, and the yellow crops to die afterwards, resulting in the emergence of seedlings and ridges or the destruction of crops.

Morphological characteristics Male adult body length 5-6mm, dark gray. The head is silver-gray, the amount is narrow, and the frontal bar is black. The compound eye is dark brown and in front of the triangular area of ​​the monocular eye, the spacing is narrow and almost meets. Tentacles black. Chest gray. The abdomen is flat on the upper and lower sides, narrow and thin, darker than the chest. The wings are light yellow, with fine yellow-brown veins, and the balance bar is yellow. Black foot. Female body length 5-6.5mm, grayish yellow. The forehead width is equal to or wider than the eye width, the compound eye space is relatively wide, about one-third of the head, the chest and abdomen are gray, and the abdomen is thicker than the male. The egg is long and oval, 1 to 1.2 mm in length, slightly concave on the ventral surface, convex on the back, with one end pointed, the other end flatter, colostrum white, and later pale yellowish-white, with fine longitudinal stripes. The larvae are 6-6.5mm long, pod-shaped, milky white, slightly yellowish at maturity, very small heads, black hooks, and tails.

Cut off, with 7 pairs of fleshy protuberances, the first pair slightly above the second pair, and the sixth pair bifurcates. Cocoon spindle shape, length 5-6mm, width about 1.5-2mm. It is light yellow at the beginning, yellowish-brown at the end, slightly black at both ends, dark brown before feathering, slightly flattened, and a rounded rear end.

Living habits Qingyang, Gansu Province, 1 year old, wintering in eggs. The wintering period is as long as 180-200 days. The overwintering eggs are hatched as larvae in March of the following year. The newly hatched larvae inhabit the stems, leaves and the ground. They drill a small hole in the base of the wheat stem and drill into the stem. Upward, feed the heart and leaf tissue into a sawdust shape. The larvae are resistant to hunger and each larvae only harms one wheat, and there is no harm to the strains. The larval activity is endangered from late March to early April. Larval 30 to 40 days. In mid-April, the larvae climbed out of the stems and drilled into the 6-9cm soil. The late April to early May is the period of phlegm, and the flood season is 21-30 days. In early June, eclosion began, and in mid-June, the emergence of adult eclosion and all eclosion in late days. At this time, wheat was nearly mature, and adults migrated to the autumn crop weeds. July-August is the height of adult activity. In densely populated areas with luxuriant foliage, hidden ground cover and high humidity, the fly moved in. Adults are active in the morning, evening, and cloudy days. When the temperature is high at noon, there is little activity in shelters. When the temperature is low in the fall, it is a noon activity and there is no activity in the morning or in the evening. Males die soon after mating. The females began spawning in mid-September, and the eggs were scattered and spawned in soil gaps and 2-3cm below loose topsoil. Each female spawned 9-48 eggs, died immediately after spawning, and all females died in October.

Control methods (1) Use 50% phoxim EC 1.5kg, 2.5kg of water, mix and spray and mix on 20kg dry soil to make poisonous soil. (2) In the adult stage, 36% of the larvae may be sprayed with 1000-1500 times solution or 50% dichlorvos-emulsion 1000 times, and 75L of liquid medicine may be sprayed per 667m2.

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