Timely pruning and girdling are the guarantees for increased yield of pomelos

First, red meat and pomelo pruning time can be in late November to mid-December, the slowest but the "winter solstice." In the period before the beginning of December, when the pomelo trees were harvested slowly, the tree vigor returned to normal within one week after harvest, and the pruning can be carried out quickly. After the “winter solstice”, the flower bud differentiation of the pomelo tree begins; if the pruning is too late, the flower buds are basically established, and the utility of the pruning is poor. In the spring, bud stage and anthesis stage, the flowering stage will be shortened. The flowering stage will cause more one-time flowers and more sterile flowers. Flowers often encounter high-temperature hazards, causing "flowers but not real". As the saying goes: Time is money, grab time, grasp the truth of the season. Therefore, the best time for pruning is best in the mid-to-mid-December period when the temperature decreases.
Second, the best time for the ringing time. The time of girdling, the early results of young trees "small snow" - "big snow"; the result of many years of high-yielding trees, old trees "winter solstice" - "Xiao Han" before. The purpose of pomelo girdling is to inhibit the "accumulation" of carbohydrates in the flower buds of the tree in the time when the pericardial wounds are not healed, and it is more beneficial to buds and flowers, and the effect of high fruit setting rate. . Ringing is an effective technique to increase the percentage of fruit set in the coming year.
Third, the initial results in the main circumcision, to be grafted above, the results of many years of grapefruit, fruit trees, old trees, girdling in the branches, each grapefruit leaves a sprig without girdling, the main purpose is the nutrition of the roots, Baoen Baoshu. Fruit size, reduce fruit cracking, prevent grapefruit from debilitating, and prevent yellow teat leaves from death. Pruning time and circumcision time have been described in the book of the calendar year. Today I will repeat it again, and I will add some technologies.

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