The fifth instar silkworm noodles mulberry breeding technology and matters needing attention

(1) Arrangement of Jamsil

After silkworm disinfection, single-sided silkworms are set up on the surrounding walls. There are several rows of surface silkworms in the room, each row of silkworms is 1 meter wide, and silkworms are set at both ends and a 30 to 40 centimeter height bracket is placed at both ends of the silkworm table. A bamboo raft is placed on the bracket. . For example, if the number of rearing silkworms is large, one more layer of silkworm silkworm can be put on top of the surface of silkworm silkworm (the area of ​​silkworm silkworm is set at about 15 square meters per silkworm).

(b) Mulberry emissions

The fifth instar larvae opened the leaves a little later. On the second day, the mulberry was evenly distributed on the silkworm seat. After 1 to 2 hours, after the silkworms basically climbed the mulberry, they picked up the mulberry in order (cut the mouth down) and placed Both sides of the bamboo raft form a stable slope. In order to prevent the silkworm from falling, it can be discharged in a small amount, and it will be extended to both sides as the feeding amount increases. Silkwalks need to keep sidewalks for operation.

(three) to the mulberry method

The silkworm shoots new shoots in the middle of the autumn, and shoots shoots in the middle and late autumn, and once a day to the mulberry, during the full-food period or in the case of high temperature and dryness, appropriate feeding is performed once. Close doors and windows after mulberry to prevent mulberry leaves from drying out. When there are too many branches on both sides, the branches that have been eaten should be removed before feeding.

(4) Precautions

1. Properly postponing to Sang appropriately postponing to Sang can make silkworm have a strong sense of hunger, so that the silkworm can be quickly wounded. The first time the mulberry was used with thick, hard, leafy branches, to ensure that the slope does not collapse, when the mulberry and the mulberry were placed, the three leaves and the small shoot were removed. Branches should be as dense as possible, or be lined with a layer of stearin plastic mesh on the slope to prevent the silkworm from falling down. At the same time, when the silkworm is basically in the strip, the lychee is slanted immediately.

2, disease prevention silkworm into the fifth instar period generally use fresh lime powder or anti-static powder, eliminate silkworm flies and other drugs.

Before the fifth instar period, the silkworm body was disinfected with anti-stuck powder, and after the mulberry leaves were eaten the next day, the silkworm silkworm was sterilized with fresh lime powder or anti-static powder, and the fifth instar was used for the second day, 4 days and 6 days. Three hundred times dilution of silkworm flies was sprayed on the silkworm evenly to control the fly maggot disease. The use of exterminated silkworm should be ready for use. Before and after use, 4 to 6 hours should not be used to lime the silkworms, so as not to reduce the efficacy.

3, according to local conditions on the fifth instar silkworm into the reduced food period, pay attention to the formation of the slope, in the late food reduced the mulberry to leaf feeding, and reuse 1 lime powder. When about 1% of the mature silkworms on the slopes are used, hormones are added at 3 to 5 pm on the same day, and the silkworms are caught on the morning of the next day, or the mature silkworms are collected on the larvae, or the slopes are laid flat in the late stage of feeding. Feed the leaves and catch the silkworms. The inexperienced silkworm raises the branches and shakes them gently to make the eggs fall and collect the silkworms. The use of square grids is suitable for outdoor pre-loading, so that the silkworm manhole speed is fast, and the silkworm excrement and urine are all outdoors. Helps reduce indoor humidity and improve tannins.

4, to reduce the temperature of the mulberry branches bud winter high, the appropriate number of leaves, or cut the time slightly postponed, generally after September 20 is appropriate; cut the height of the remaining section of the mulberry winter management routine retention height height shear tip The lower part of the incision must retain 3 to 4 leaves until it falls off naturally. You can also keep all the mulberry leaves in the lower part of the cut. If you need to use it, pick up the leaves from the bottom up, but still keep 3 to 4 mulberry leaves in the lower part of the cut, especially the first mulberry leaf in the lower part of the cut. Can not fall off. If the temperature is higher at the end of autumn, winter buds will be discovered in autumn. To prevent the formation of dry shoots in winter, the branches of the germinating parts may be cut off when the mulberry is dormant, which not only controls the freezing damage, but also does not affect the spring sprouting and growth.

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