Single pond carp technical key points

The squid, also known as osmanthus fish, is lower in yield per unit area than ordinary “fish”, but the output value is 10 times higher and the profit is 4-13 times higher. In recent years, it has been widely used by farmers. Favor, become a hot spot for special fish breeding. When ponds raise squid alone, they should pay attention to the following issues:

First, pond conditions selection

It is desirable to build a fish pond in a place with sunny leewards, adequate water sources, fresh water, no pollution, and convenient drainage and irrigation facilities. It is required that the loam soil, less silt, or newly excavated pond be ideal. The area is 600-3000 square meters, and the water depth is about 2.0 meters. Equipped with aerators and bait fish culture ponds, some aquatic plants with higher water depth are planted around the ponds, such as beak grass and black-leaf algae. It can be used as a hiding place for carp and can absorb too much fertilizer in the pond.

Second, the stocking specifications of carp species to 5-6 cm is appropriate. Due to the habit of squid-residues, the specifications of the stocks required to be stocked are neat.

Third, stocking density Density stocking density and pond environment, bait fish supply and aquaculture technology are closely related, generally 800-1200 tail 467 square meters is appropriate.

Fourth, bait fish cultivation ponds single carp, need to set up a special pool to cultivate bait fish, carp ponds and bait fish pond area ratio of about 1:4. The bait fish should adopt multiple pools, be raised at different densities, be harvested at different times, and gradually be dredged to ensure the simultaneous growth of bait fish and squid. Generally, squid, squid, squid, etc., which are easily caught and eaten by squid, are used as bait fish. At the same time, squid and quail that are not ingested can ingest residual baits or rot in the bottom of the pool to prevent water quality from deteriorating, thereby facilitating squid culture. In order to ensure the appropriate specifications of the fed bait fish, the feeding and growth of the catfish should be checked frequently. The growth and specifications of the bait fish are controlled by adjusting the density and feeding amount. The breeding density is 6-8 times that of conventional fry, and it can usually be about 1 million tails of 467 square meters.

V. Feeding In the 15-20 days before trout stocking, early-feed bait fish are cultivated in the pond so that the fish can have palatable baits. After stocking, feed fish should be put into the pool in time. The palatability of the bait swallowed by the carp is 1/4-1/3 of its length and the body height should be less than the size of the carp. In the night, squid prey on active prey in the form of sneak attacks. The devour is most fierce at around 8 o'clock in the evening. Feed once a day, feeding the amount of squid enough to feed 4-5 days is appropriate, can not be more or less, or fish prone to cause a large number of deaths. July-September is the peak season for the growth of carp, and the amount of food is large. The amount of feed should be increased in a timely manner. In winter, the feeding intensity and growth rate of the carp decrease, and the amount of feeding can be appropriately reduced. It is advisable to periodically monitor the growth rate of squid on a monthly basis. If it is found that there is insufficient or unsuitable food for the growth of squid, timely adjustment should be made. The ratio of carp to fish bait is 1:5-10. In order to ensure that the uneaten bait fish can grow normally, appropriate amount of rapeseed cake should be fed at the same time.

Sixth, water quality management Due to the poor tolerance to hypoxia of carp, the oxygen requirement for the water body is relatively high. Once the lack of oxygen floating head, carp will be the first to die. It was determined that, under the same conditions, the asphyxiation point of the eel fry was 3.1 times that of the carp, 5.1 times that of the carp, and 12.5 times that of the carp. Therefore, it is better to use fresh, non-polluting, high dissolved oxygen in the aquaculture water of eel, rivers, lakes and reservoirs containing less pathogenic organisms. If other water sources are used, sedimentation and filtration are needed to prevent the enemy from harming the ponds. Cause harm. In the breeding process, measures such as controlling the stocking density, flushing water, opening the aerator, and periodically pouring quicklime, etc., can ensure good water quality, and it is better to maintain the microfluidic state. Such as dissolved oxygen above 6 mg / l, transparency 30-40 cm, pH neutral or slightly alkaline, etc., have a positive effect on the growth of salmon and disease prevention.

Seventh, fish disease prevention and control of carp disease As with other aquatic products, we must implement the principle of “mainly prevention, prevention and treatment, disease early treatment, disease-free prevention”. Requirements: 1, before the release of fish species in accordance with the strict clear pond routine, stocking fish species (including bait fish) requires health and disease-free, and soaked with 2% salt water for 10 minutes before entering the pond; 2, try to move the species Avoid fish body injuries; 3. When the carp finds that the feeding and action of the carp are not normal, they should immediately check and take corresponding measures; 4. Take regular shots of 30 milligrams of needle lime during the fish disease epidemic season (May-October) or take medicine. Bait and other measures can better prevent the occurrence of fish disease. For bacteria, parasites: the disease can be selected using 0.7 mg/L copper sulphate and ferrous sulfate mixture (5:2), 0.2-0.4 mg L type exoporant, 1 mg/L bleach or 10 mg/L, respectively. Marlin et al.

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